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Three Pussies for Friday Night

2:45 am Sunday, 10th September, 2017

3 for Friday

Memorable fucking day on Friday (8/9/2017).

Andre and I did two MFM 3somes. I fucked one other gal that night.

It all started with Melanie. She wanted two cocks so her fuckmate called me around midday. We got her into bed around 3pm. She is a nice gal from Central. Great curvy body and nice tight pussy. Her BF and I did her pussy and mouth. She can fucking suck cock!! Her ass was the only hole spared.

Next was another Central girl. This mother of four knows how to work her body. All holes were fucked that evening. I did her ass whilst my friend did her pussy. We got through all her holes in just under 2 hours. My friend left and I continued fucking the gal till midnight. She left and I headed to Club Illusions.

I picked up a slim gulf girl at Illusions. Brought her back to the hotel and fucked her till 9 a. m Saturday morning.

It was like the sex god's answered all my prayers in that day. Hope to do it again next month.

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