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Gangbang on Husband's birthday part 2

9:16 pm Saturday, 9th September, 2017

Gangbang on Hubby's birthday Part 2

Saurabh asked him to send. I went and sat on his lap and he started mauling my boobs and touching my pussy again. I thought this guy can never get over me !!
Ashish sent some screenshots and we started going through it and honestly it was high on adrenaline for both of us. Those bastards were really nasty. Some of those were ----

Ashish : Let me send some photos. (he sent some of our pics with blur face or cut the face)

Raj > Omg , you are fucking this chick from last 6-7 months and you didn’t even tell us. Look at her body, She is amazing.. Most of the couple we have been with are like 35years of age.. but she is below 30 and has great curves.

Sumit >> Indeed, I can’t believe she is slut inside. Just tell us when we need to meet.

Ashish : Next weekend , and yes she invited me when her hubby was on trip and I fucked her and also kept on sending pics to Saurabh(her hubby).. ajtak ki sabse awesome kinky ladki hay yeh.

Raj > Bhai aisi chiz ko ladki nahi..raand bolte hay

Ashish : yes , she is the best cocksucker and drinks cum like real pornstar. Humne Anal and DP bhi kiya hay .

Sumit >> yeh toh already champ hay .. iss slut ko toh mai apna mut pilayunga dekhna.. Agar Saturday Sunday dono din rahe toh phir uske baad wo chudne k liye bheek mangegi.. nymphomaniac banake chodenge hum usse.

Raj > Dekh bhai , we are decent otherwise , but for those 2 days we want to use this slut to the core. So we don’t want them to feel worried for us , so we will book a nice resort & our friend is manager there..so we will get all privacy . Btw, Her hubby is cuckold?

Ashish : No he is an awesome guys with lots of kinky ideas. He joins the game always with better ideas.

Raj > ohh fuck , it will be hell of a weekend then , I was getting bored of meeting cuckold couples. But I would like to talk with them first to remove any hint of shyness. I don’t wanna be shy in front of this slutty babe.

All the time , Saurabh was moving his hands over my thighs , grabbing my naked butts , touching my pussy which has been already wet and I could feel his hardon which was poking in my ass. I could read his eyes that he wanted to fuck me then and there but before he could say anything I simply stopped him by saying “ No more fuck for the day, I’m tired”. He requested for a blowjob which I happily agreed as I knew he would take only few mins to off load as he was high on excitement.

I went down & he was sitting on the sofa.. I was teasing his cock over underwear. It’s an awesome sight to view your guy is hard inside his undy. I took his cock in my mouth and gave him a sluttish look and started blowing him looking into his eyes. His hard dick was thrashing inside my mouth and my muscles started paining but he was not near to cum.
I looked up saying “ Abhi tak toh mai sirf tumahri rand hun, after your bday weekend I will be the rand for these strangers too” …. The words did the magic as he stood up , hold my hairs and started fucking my face in full pace and came inside. I was so gagged that I couldn’t even swallow. It straightway went into my stomach.

So finally the day started. We were supposed to start by 5.30pm and the resort was already booked. Ashish came on time and I was busy on getting ready. Ashish was visibly stalking me while I wore that Black skirt of mine with a Semi-transparent crop top and dark coloured bra.

The bra was pretty much spot on and everybody can get good view of my boob-shape. The dress was chosen by Saurabh and I was pretty nervous to walk into the resort in such skimpy attire. Ashish calmed me down saying that it was Sumit’s friend who owns the partnership of the resort & we will get VVIP treatment there.

The Journey was of 2hrs , as it was in the outskirt of the city and the journey was joyful with lots of chit-chats but deep down I was feeling nervous and excited both to meet 2 strangers and to have some group hardcore sex.

Resort was in a lil remote area and out of city hassles and those broken roads was completely empty. The navigation showed it just 20 mins away. Saurabh got another kinky idea from his lustful mind. He stopped the car and went for susu and came back and asked me to suck. I was hesitant to suck his dick in some open road.

Ashish : “ arey road khali hay ..koi nai anewala.. chal jaldi se apne role pe aja , randi banke lund chusna chalu kar saurabh bhai ka”

Saurabh : “ Yes bitch do it, Suck his dick too”

I thought it was his bday anyways and we were there to celebrate in a kinky way so why to let down him. They both came in back seat and I started sucking them off . Pants and underwear’s were on their knees and the slutty bitch wife was into action again. Just when they were about to cum, Saurabh asked me to pull my crop top a lil up and pull the bra forward to get a gap.

Before I could understand both of them pushed their dick into the gap and cummed inside my bra cups. To my misfortune they cummed a lot and it was stinking actually.

Saurabh: “ now stay like that , put some perfume and fondle your boobs yourself to spread the cum there and you have to enter the resort like this and pass the reception”
Manisha : “tum pagal ho kya.. spot dikh rha hay”

Saurabh & Ashish told together “That’s your problem Slut”

Also Ashish took the buttplug and put it in my ass and pulled the panty up. In that bumpy ride , when the car jerked , the butttplug was sending the chills inside my anus I kept on shouting “ ooouch ..ohhh ..uii maa” and both the guys were laughing on my facial expressions.

As soon as we entered the resort in next 15 mins , they went ahead to talk to reception and confirm room no and I was taking extra time outside so that as soon as they are done I will walk past the corridor. To be honest, all this madness was getting my panty drenched in cum and I was in ecstatic mood.

They called me and I started walking through the corridor and the guards and bell-boy standing there was raping me through their eyes but as per their job they greeted me as “
Welcome mam, hope you have a great time here” I thought to myself , yes offcourse I am having a great time -

It’s my hubby’s bday , I am walking into the resort with a cum drenched panty and buttplug sniffed inside my asshole , skimpy dress & 2 cumload inside my bra cups which I could still feel and was sending me a stinking sensation. To top the cherry , 2 more strangers are coming shortly to fuck me like randii. Indeed a great time!!

The biggest hut that includes 2 bedroom and big bathroom including Jacuzzi was booked for us. I simply loved the room and the view.. From the balcony , could see some mountain range and forest.

We settled down and started having drinks and all. Raj and Sumit was expected to reach by 10. We had more than one hour to us to be fresh and be comfortable. In between , both the guys were playing with my body like a flesh of meat. I wanted to be lil drunk than usual to face the strangers without any inhibitions.

So I took couple of extra large pegs and while having the drinks in balcony under open sky. I took the initiative to go down and started sucking Saurabh’s dick and was giving a handjob to Ashish.

Ashish was bit more surprised to this move and commented looking at saurabh “ kya rand mili hay apko as wife , saali hamesha lund lene ke liye raji hay”
“Aisi chilled weather , drinks , open sky without anyone nearby and upar se 2 hard dicks. What more a slut like me can ask for ;)” I teasingly replied to his comment.
I gave them blowjob for 10 good mins before Ashish picked me up , bend me over balcony railing and was about to slide his dick inside , I restrained him “no , Saurabh first .. tomorrow is my baby’s bday and bday boy gets the opportunity first” ..

Saurabh was more than happy to slide in and phone came. The guys were already downstairs and raj was coming at the door while Sumit went to meet with the manager friend.

I panicked a little to get my dress but Ashish told me not to wear anything and to give them surprises. It will be the surprise of their life when a naked girl will open the door and to let them in. Saurabh too second the idea and said “Anyways abhi firse kapde utarne hi padenge..better k in ladko k din banade..they must be tired after the journey”
Me: “Okay , you want that baby?? Let me show you what I can do..you guys be here in balcony”

The door knocked. I finished my peg hurriedly and went to open that .. As soon as I saw Raj I smiled and welcomed him.

He was in utter shock, probably did not expect that. I pulled him in , closed the door and went right down there on my knees and started unzipping his jeans & said “Let me welcome you like a real slut.. you must be tired and let me make you feel relax”

I started sucking his cock and he was moaning like a boy.. Hearing to that, both the guys came inside & was looking at me in shock. I was about to giggle by the look at their faces. All the guys shook hand and he said Saurabh thanks and gave the bday wishes .. while he stuck that big dick in his wife’s mouth..

We reached the sofa and raj requested for another blowjob while Ashish made him a peg and the door knocked again. I stopped to ask “Should I go and invite your friend the same way??”

Raj: “No , let them open the door and u continue sucking.. Let him enter and see the view”

Raj was sitting on the couch and I was giving him a blowjob and my ass was towards the door.

Once Sumit entered the first statement I heard “Oh fuck , you guys have started using the randii already.. Saurabh do u mind , if I just taste a lil?”

Raj : “man , she is awesome , she opened the door naked and started sucking my dick then & there only.. She is born to suck cocks”.

Raj was holding my hairs tightly sitting on the couch and pushing his dick deeper into my mouth and Sumit just came from behind and to my shock he put his dick inside my pussy and started fucking it.”

After few mins , when raj loosen the grip on my hairs, I just turned back to see him and he , with a broad smile waved me hi. That was so fucking erotic , that I couldn’t control anymore and cum on his dick inside my slutty pussy.

Manisha : “Pichle 5 mins se chod rahe ho , aur abhi yaad aya hi bolna”

Sumit laughed & said “This is how I say hi to the slutwives and randiis by pushing my dick inside their pussy & ass straightway”

Manisha “ ohh yess baby , that’s how I want to be treated..fuck me .. fuck me infront of my husband”

Sumit “Don’t worry slut , we have lots of surprises to give , you never even thought of”

With a wet pussy , I kept on getting thrashes and thinking what these guys have in their store.

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11:53 am Sunday, 10th September, 2017

So great blog want to hear more about
Can get pics?? Without face and etc.. for safe reason.  

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10:23 am Monday, 11th September, 2017

Awesome , it would be good if you guys play some hardcore games using kinky swing chair and let the slutty get fucked in air 😎

2:39 pm Monday, 11th September, 2017

So nice💕💕💕💕

2:43 pm Monday, 11th September, 2017

Great awesome 

11:30 pm Monday, 11th September, 2017

Good Story..keep going

7:36 am Tuesday, 12th September, 2017

nice slut..wanna to join next time

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9:57 pm Tuesday, 12th September, 2017

Isnt it an old blog.it was published long back on indian sex stories

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9:11 am Wednesday, 13th September, 2017

Wow!! all that happened for real?? Tumhare saath to we should have a wet and wild orgy of spit and cum!! All of Manisha's hair drenched in cum and and she squirting all over the floor and the couch.. how about inserting 2-3 creamy cup cakes in her arsehole and have her push them all out on my face!! I will open her asshole wide apart as big as her mouth!!

2:11 am Thursday, 14th September, 2017

Great Story Telling.. wonderfully explicit description.. get in touch Cougar..

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2:57 am Thursday, 14th September, 2017

Contect me 

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3:05 am Thursday, 14th September, 2017

A gang bang like this i wonder who is more lucky the dick who got to feel your touch and holes or your husband who got to give her wife one of best gift of pleasure. I wanna see if you can fuck in open in remote countryside be good little submissive do as i say Mayheps some stranger walking pass can join us and get feel of fucking real slut along with me 

8:49 am Wednesday, 20th September, 2017

Wow..I felt that I was there

12:38 pm Tuesday, 26th September, 2017

Really so dick raising way of expressing ur naughty incidents Dear....u guys r so amazing Dears hmmm way to go guys. All the way I jus was jus so thrilled n in an orgasmic mood while reading n am so eagerly waiting for the next part plz do post n if possible would request the post to me personally coz I've become a fan of ur erotic writing Dears. Thanq once again for such a lovely time spent for us writing up all the details hmmmm. Luv u guys n waiting ....

4:24 pm Tuesday, 26th September, 2017

Waiting for your next

7:56 pm Friday, 29th September, 2017


5:29 pm Tuesday, 3rd October, 2017


5:29 pm Tuesday, 3rd October, 2017


3:35 am Friday, 6th October, 2017

OOOrgasmic lloved it I was literally there h

8:07 pm Monday, 9th October, 2017

You sure have a way with words! Couldn't have been more erotically described. Absolutely loved it! A massive hard on is testimony to the fact 😉

8:07 pm Monday, 9th October, 2017

You sure have a way with words! Couldn't have been more erotically described. Absolutely loved it! A massive hard on is testimony to the fact 😉

7:01 pm Thursday, 23rd November, 2017

Hello friends 
We waiting for part-3
When relies new part

3:12 am Friday, 15th December, 2017

waiting for next part

7:01 pm Sunday, 17th December, 2017

Waiting for part 3

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