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My rudest sexual encounter

9:41 pm Monday, 10th July, 2017

I'd been seeing a guy for a few weeks and been on a few dates.We had a few encounters and I'd suck him off a couple of times. But nothing too kinky. One night we were out and I'd dressed in the same outfit I'm wearing in my profile picture so he spent most of the night looking at boobs popping out of my corset. This obviously got him even hornier than usual as during our date he asked me if I'd ever consider a threesome. I told him it wasn't something I had really thought about but if the chance came up I  would consider it. I said to him have you always wanted to have sex with two women at which point he told me he wanted him and another man to fuck me. I've never really been into women so when he said another man I agreed to it. I thought it would be something that would happen further down the line but as soon as I said ok his eyes lit up and he said I know just the man. I thought about it for a few minutes and decided to go with the flow as I was feeling horny too!! I asked him who he had in mind and he suggested a mutual friend of ours, I guess luckily for me it was someone I did quite fancy!! Before I knew it we were back at his house and a few short minutes our friend arrived. It was a little awkward at first but we soon relaxed and they were both kissing my neck and rubbing their hands over my clothes. My partner took skirt and tights off while I kissed the other guy. After he taken them off I could hear him spit on his fingers then feel one of them sliding into my arse. He quickly put another one while his friend took my bra off. My boobs were hanging over my corset and they took a tit each. Sucking and licking my nipples. The other guy began to finger my pussy as my partner was still fingering my arse. After a few minutes they stripped off my corset and told me to bend over the sofa. My partner had opened some lube and covered his hard cock he rammed it into my arse as I sucked his friend off. They spit roasted me for several minutes and then swapped ends. My partners lubed cock made me gag when I took it in my mouth but I was enjoying it too much to care!! When they were ready to cum they took it in turns to stretch my arse open and cum inside it. After it was all done I had cum running from my stretched  arse onto my pussy. But I must admit I loved it!!!

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10:35 pm Monday, 10th July, 2017

Would have loved that but wanted to lick you out and tease you with my tongue first. Xx

11:13 pm Monday, 10th July, 2017

well love see those endless moments pop out too

11:26 pm Monday, 10th July, 2017

I just got so hard reading that, very horny, wish I was the lucky friend. Any plans in the future x 

7:03 am Tuesday, 11th July, 2017

Really loved that story and makes me want come visit get to fuck that arse also maybe your friend could join us xx

9:05 am Tuesday, 11th July, 2017

That's so horny, how about cock in arse, pussy and mouth next time 😈

9:02 pm Tuesday, 11th July, 2017

What a lovely story and obviously a most enjoyable night was had by all! Would loved to have been there ! Bare  me in 

9:03 pm Tuesday, 11th July, 2017

Phones !   Bare me in mind next time x

12:00 pm Wednesday, 12th July, 2017

Top girl x

4:29 pm Saturday, 15th July, 2017

That must have been a real blast for u .

5:05 pm Saturday, 15th July, 2017

Love the cybersex story you have talent made me hard and stiff thinking about you

12:50 am Sunday, 16th July, 2017

I really need to fuck your beautiful arse x

9:54 pm Monday, 17th July, 2017

Great story trying to get my wife to do it finding it a bit hard

3:26 pm Wednesday, 19th July, 2017

Well you write in a way that is a real turn on thank yo

7:42 am Thursday, 3rd August, 2017

Well I'm rubbing a massive hard cock at the end of that story ,,i couldn't share my woman with some other geezer & there cock cumming  

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