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The best night of our lives...nearly..

7:03 am Thursday, 12th January, 2017

We've been teased, but not tickled....like that
point when you're close to orgasm, but then any stimulation is, perhaps,
cruelly withdrawn; that stick holding that carrot becoming an extendable arm.

You all must have been there? Thinking you're luck is in, then, wallop!
The moment's gone.

We had her, had her there...in the car. We'd been sexting for a week or
so, fantasising what we'd do as a threesome: basques, babydolls and stockings
enticing a rock-hard cock. Us two women yearning to taste, lick, suck, fuck and
caress each other; find that g-spot only a woman truly knows where lies;
kissing each other as our big boobs rubbed up against one another; getting
wetter and wetter as we anticipated what was to cum. 

Me laying down as she licked my pussy dry whilst my manbuddy fucked her
doggy-style; switching places so that we could all experience the raw passion
of wanting each other...hard and fast and filthy; slow and teasing. 

The will, the want, the eagerness and commitment was there....we met a
few days later, in a pub. The sexual tension was high, it was electric. The
tease began.

We moved onto another pub; us women fingered each other under the table
whilst our man sat the other side, trying to sneak a peek; imagining where our
hands and fingers were. From there, we moved to the car. It was only going to
be a Social, but none of us could wait, so we moved to the back seat and the
fun began...

And boy, was it fun! My man thought all his Christmases had cum at once,
as we both held his cock whilst fondling each other. Our pussies were so clean,
smooth and wet and inviting; he was hard as a rock. Us girls took turns sucking
him, expertly using our tongue and hands whilst his mouth was firmly planted on
our big hard nipples and squeezing our big tits and asses, in turn. 

We all came: she screamed as I explored her pussy and he explored her
ass; he came in my mouth as I sucked him to the point of no return; I came as
he used his magic fingers to find my spot he knows so well. 

All half-naked, we vowed to make next time even more explosive: to book
a room; to bring toys, cuffs, perhaps a camera; to spend the night and morning
in sexual bliss...

I'd love to say we made the best porn-vid ever; had the night of our
lives, but...alas...it never came...we never 'came' with each other again.
Broken promises, a double-life (on her part), got in the way.

Thus, my manbuddy and I have been left wanting...wanting more. Don't get
me wrong, our sex life is amazing; we turn each other on; we're both
adventurous, explore all the possibilities of each other's bodies and are very
intent in pleasuring one another even when perhaps we shouldn't...

But...we long to share with another woman, to pleasure, excite and

We had hoped we may find the holy grail, the unicorn on this site, but
are still waiting...anticipating. We wonder why people/women message but then
don't reply to our reply despite them initiating contact. If there are so
many like-minded people, where are the genuine ones? That stick that's holding
that carrot is just as long and just as teasing. But, I believe that if you
truly want something..it will find you. I could give up chocolate; but I'm no
quitter/We could give up the quest, but we're no quitters. 

And so the search continues...she must be out there..... could it be

......to be continued....... 

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3 or 4's never a crowd. A m/f couple looking for females and/or mf couples to share our fun and adventures. Are also open to the idea of playing separately.

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