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3 Tips to Satisfy your Lady in Bed

7:20 pm Wednesday, 11th January, 2017

3 Tips to Satisfy your Lady in Bed
In a site filled with spammy guys on the hunt for ladies, that think they could win a ladies' attention by sending some dick pics and rude messages because it's an adult site.

Here are 3 tips you could use to have a healthy relationship with your partner, either it's a FuBu or a real couple

1. Be Fun to be with
- Everyone is already stressed with the country, society and the world in general. Don't be boring, share some laughs and jokes with your partner, it's gonna help your lady to be more comfortable with you and that leads to better fun and wild times in the bed.

2. Listen 

- If you want to be understood, you have to understand first. I don't know about you, but ladies love to be heard, it could range from the bitchy friend the****ve at work or they are hungry and what some snacks. So therefore, when you listen, you could know what they need, so you could satisfy that. They feel cold? cuddle them. They feel scared? Hold them. They feel they want to be fucked harder? YOU HAVE TO FUCK THEM HARDER! is that difficult? it's simple right?

3.Give,Give, Give, Give then Receive 
- Most of us guys, would love to have what we want immediately, i know. But when it comes to ladies, things get a bit complicated. Ladies nowadays are very strong and independent and they just don't do what you say unlike milion years ago.It's definitely gonna be work, satisfy your ladie's wants first before your own. Think LONGTERM GUYS! If you want to have that long and juicy blow job, you have to at least eat your ladies pussy 2x or 3x more before you get yours.You want to cum? make her cum first! She'll be so hap****it's gonna be cool with her too. Because she's already got the pleasure from you.So yeah that's it. I'm Voonie and I guess i'll be making more blogs this year.

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