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To Do or Not to Do--- Dillemma Never Ends

10:36 am Wednesday, 11th January, 2017

She is a beauty--- petite type. I take great pride when I go out with her by me. Fortunate I am as a man.
But I have scarecely been able to satisfy her physically. Born with a small man and cursed with premature ejaculation, I have always suffered my inadequacy. She, like a mother I would say has kept supporting me all these years. But it has never been easy for me to bear her suffering. Her needs should be fullfilled, I understand. 

I suggested cuckolding. She refused for years. Once recently did she agree. We even contacted a gentleman from this nice site. Suddenly she backed out.

She listens and smiles when I say it. No need -- is all she says, finally.  Says she can handle. Can one really handle? At what cost?

Yes, I love her way too much. Crazily. She knows I may not be able to handle her having sex with someone else. And now I want her to do it now I also change. 

It is really a difficult situation. 

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Wish I Were Videotaping Her Fucking You

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