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Other peoples' wives

5:28 am Wednesday, 11th January, 2017

I first realized I had a big fetish for other peoples' wives when I was working as a bartender at a strip club. I had a friend who would come in with his girlfriend during the day and they would stay with me to pass the time because it usually wasn't busy. One day they came into the club to see me and I right away realized she had a boob job. It was impossible not to notice. I looked at my friend and saw a big smile on his face. "Notice anything different?", she asked me with a smile. We all laughed.  "Dude, you should feel them." I looked at her then at him and we all busted up laughing. Then he pushed her toward me while she stuck out her new boobs for me. He was serious. They both knew I wasn't really a "boob" guy because we had had that conversation before. When they realized I wasn't going to touch them he grabbed my hand and put it on her breast. I had to admit it did feel very good. It was saline instead of silicon. Anyway, he told me to feel them. To really feel them so I gave in. She was wearing a very thin shirt so I could feel the shape. I started to really caress them. I felt the roundness and how soft they were. I started to feel her tiny nipples as they got hard and she moaned a little as I gently pinched them. I actually forgot about my friend watching as I explored them. Now, remember this was in the club so the music was playing loud as always, the place was nearly empty, the dancers were halfheartedly dancing for no one, and there I was playing with my friend's girlfriend's breasts. I started to get an erection and since I'm kind on the big side it was very noticeable. I suddenly remembered where I was and what I was doing at looked at my friend and just smile and told me how hot that was to watch. " I was getting horny too", his girlfriend laughed and reached down and gave my big erection and firm squeeze. 
The rest of my shift she kept coming to me, putting an arm around me and touching me. Eventually each time she come over my hand started to reach down to her very small ass to get a full feel while we all talked and laughed about various things. My friend had no reaction and I think he liked watching us grope each other. That was as far as it went though and a month later I heard that they had broken up but that was the first time I realized I really like being with other peoples' partners. It is such a different type of turn on and god knows I would not be able to watch someone do that to my girlfriend but there is something I love about it. I have since gone to swingers events, and had threesomes and group sex and dogging and gangbangs and I love it but it only gets me off if I know the women dating or married to someone else. This is difficult for me to talk to others about unless they are into this also but I find finding people like that is difficult in the real world even though there are couples who I think are into it without knowing it. Those couples are fun to come across but it only happens once in a blue moon usually. Thank god for the internet and sites like this that makes it more of a possibility. 

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looking for sexy fun with couples and single females to partner with

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