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intruder fantasy part 2

12:35 am Tuesday, 12th April, 2011

There was a man standing in the bathroom doorway!

He was wanking as he'd been watching me.... He was dressed in scruffy jeans and a plain shirt god knows who he was but I so wanted the feel of his thick glistening cock in me that at that precise moment I didn't care! I told him that he did everything I asked of him then I would let him stay..

He was happy with that so I told him to take his clothes off and fetch my dildo before being allowed to join me in the shower

When he got into the shower the first thing I demanded of him was that he lick my clitoris, he had a great technique and within a minute I had come all over his mouth and chin. His face was sopping wet and I licked it off and kissed him deeply, gently nipping his lips whilst stroking his massive cock. He was moaning and writhing and I was getting desperate for him to fuck me- but the anticipation and the glistening dribble on his cock was tempting so I bent down and licked the droplets off...

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4:11 pm Tuesday, 12th April, 2011

Can't wait for the next installment

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Couple looking for couples with bi-female

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