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text conversation we had earlier this week....

8:09 pm Sunday, 10th April, 2011

Him: Hello hon
Him :I got a bit turned on when I had to come back earlier
Him: I was coming up the stairs, thinking ‘Chrissi doesn’t know I am here….’
Me: What would you have done though?
Him: If I didn’t have to go to work
Him: I would have stayed and watched you get ready for a bit
Him: ‘till you were in your bra and knickers
Him: And you were putting your make-up on
Him: I like watching you put your make-up on
Me: I’ll bet you are aroused now!
Him: Oh yes!
Him: I’d have made myself known to you
Him: Surprised you a little
Him: Made you jump
Him: Then fucked you
Me: I’d have liked that
Him: A tiny part of me thought ‘what if it wasn’t me coming up the stairs…..’
Me: That would have been scary…..
Me: Maybe a bit exciting….
Him: It did turn me on a little….
Him: Not that I wasn’t already
Him: What would you have done?
Me: As long as he was sexy, let you know what was going on then let him seduce me!
Him: What if he wanted to be a little bit rough…..
Me: As long as he asked first and stopped when I told him
Him: You can describe the scenario to me later
Him: In gratuitous detail

To be continued…..

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