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5:35 pm Friday, 8th April, 2011

I had been reading other blogs and as my wife was away for a couple of days, I was horny and I wanted to suck more cock - I had posted to some friends on here but with no luck, and I tried a Quick Swing but again no responses. So I drove back to the car park I was at last week in the hope that Jane might appear. I waited for an hour or so and saw guys coming and going but nobody approached me and I was too nervous to make the first move. Then out of the blue - Jane - just there for a 45 minute break. I went to her car and got in - she looked lovely again. We started quickly and I soon had her cock in my mouth again, and my fingers up inside her. She turned over willingly and I was so pleased to lick and suck at her ass again - delicious and she was getting very hard as well. Two guys arrived and stood at the car looking in the window. I liked that. She turned back over and gave me a bullet to work in her ass, while I sucked her - she took over after a little while and started wanking. I asked her to cum over my face, and we got into a position, so that when she came it went straight into my mouth and I sucked it and swallowed it. The guys were still watching at the car window, and I licked her cock so that they could see everything, Jane squeezed a little more cum out of her cock and I licked it up for the watchers. She had to go then, and we chatted as she dressed. She drove away and I stayed - I offered to suck the watchers but they decided not to. I waited and watched, hoping for some more cock to suck

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Newbie CD/TV, looking for friendly company with CD/TV/TS

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