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Learning 2

4:54 pm Friday, 8th April, 2011

I messaged the same guy again some weeks later, and set up another meet. The weather was better and it was early morning. We met at the same place and he showed me a place in some bushes which was out of sight. I didn't hesitate and dropped to my knees and opened his zipper - I really wanted his cock. I took him straight into my mouth and sucked and nibbled him as he got hard. This time he fucked my mouth and I wanted to get him into my throat but couldn't (I am practising that and I want teachers to show me how). He was very hard and I love how he held my head while he fucked my mouth. Once again a good cum load into my mouth (thank you claylands) and I swallowed. I loved sucking him - lovely cock, great load and a nice guy. He wanked me afterwards, but I wasn't really bothered if he did or not - I just wanted to suck him. However, it was very nice as I came, watching my cum drip to the ground.

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Newbie CD/TV, looking for friendly company with CD/TV/TS

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