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The first, and second, cumming of Mrs T

1:05 pm Tuesday, 20th May, 2014

I made myself a cup of coffee, and sat in the garden for twenty minutes or so - even though i knew how anxious Mrs T would be for my return. The sun was low and the long shadows were slant across the meadow grass. I took the time to watch the day-moths dance around the bowed heads of the wildflowers. I listened carefully to the crickets as they scraped out their song somewhere in the grass. This, I knew, was no more than a momentary respite. But it is sometimes good to take a little time out of lessons, to think and to relax now and again.

When I return to the ‘quiet room’ I fuck Mrs T with my fingers. I am not gentle. She was much too preoccupied to hear me come back and almost screams to be so suddenly, and unexpectedly … violated. But still I will not let her cum, and tell her as much in no uncertain manner. Withdrawing my fingers one moment before she can abandon herself to those delicious convulsions. Then I fuck her in the mouth with those same, cunt-slippery, fingers. She sighs to taste herself all the way down to the back of her throat. Her eyes are wild then, and there is something close to madness in them as she frantically sucks on her own juices.

“Soon,” I assure her, sliding my cock between her lips.

Reaching over her I test the knot of her arse with my finger-tips. Her hips almost swivel as she tries to grip onto my finger with her anus, and to drive it even a little way inside. I flip her onto her back – elbows and knees still bound together so that she her legs are elevated, and the spacing-bar keeps her perfectly splayed. Pulling her to the end of the bed I press the tip of my cock against the knot of her arse and it immediately begins to slip. Her clit is proud of its hood and twitches almost in anticipation of its imminent release. Taking the little stem of it between my fingers I pinch it in short, sharp, pulses.

“You may cum now,” I tell her.

And she does.

And as she does I pull her onto my cock. The walls of her arse part, just for a moment, and I slip deep inside her. I pinch her clit again, drive myself hard into her, and as I do, she gushes. She splashes forcefully over my stomach, and she arches her back so violently I have to fight hard to keep my cock inside her arse. And now that she is cumming I fuck her harder so that she keeps cumming in increasing multiples until, at last, I feel her whole body slacken with exhaustion… and she is… spent. Though we are far from done of course.

I unbind her shaking limbs and she performs the little ritual of washing my cock so that it is clean when I slip it into her cunt. She is tight and the spasms have not quite passed. Her legs tremble as I hoist them up onto my shoulders.

“Enough,” she gasps.

“When I say… enough, then it will be… enough,” I inform her, almost coldly.

We are barely two hours into our lesson. There is a great deal more to do.

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5:12 pm Tuesday, 20th May, 2014

there are rules about not cumming on tuesdays???

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5:39 pm Tuesday, 20th May, 2014

well... Goodnight.. that new picture of yours was quite ... warming too... how very... orgiastic of you.....

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11:24 pm Tuesday, 20th May, 2014

you 'reading' ginger.. now that's an image to cherish x

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