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If you go down to the woods today

5:04 pm Sunday, 3rd January, 2010

I had turned up at the address in North Birmingham at 3pm as requested but there was no answer at the door or on his mobile. "Great"
I was meeting a guy in Redditch that evening so decided to spend some of the time in Taboo, the adult cinema in the city centre. Its seedy but a pretty good way of getting some cock. I parked just opposite and got out to cross the road. I was wering black patent thigh boots with 6" heels; fishnet stockings with suspenders; a tiny black PVC miniskirt that was too short to cover my red satin thong and I wore my red satin blouse that ties up under my boobies to reveal a taut tummy. My long brunette wig was tied in a ponytail.
Normally other pedestrians ignore you but today a smart asian chap came up to me and asked if I was free. I did my John Inman impersonation and a few minutes later I was in the back of his range rover with a thick cock tickling my tonsils. Notlong after that I was getting out of said car with spunk on my lips and on my blouse as he had pulled out at the last minute.
I went into the cinema and popped into the toilet to redo my lippy and straighten myself. Then I wandered into the back and sat down to watch one of the screens.
It wasn't long beore the guy in front of me leant round so I could see he was wanking himself. I stood up and leant over the seat to wrap my hand around a respectably thick cock. I guided it towards my lips and he stood up to make it easier. I could sense other eyes were watching and then I knew someone was behind me. Hands were pawing my ass, my cock and my tits but I could feel another pair of hands on ny thighs and my thong was now pulled down. A cock was in my ass. It was not big; it was not thick but it did feel good. The best thing was knowing that six or more guys were watching me getting spitroasted. I had only ever given blowjobs there on other visits. Soon I had my second load in my face as the guy in front came but the thrusts from behind were slow and rythmical. I was able to watch the porn movie and it was a real turn on to watch a beautiful woman service three guys with massive cocks, while having a cock inside me. Finally he came in a condom and I was left alone until a lare oldish guy came up to give me a blowjob. I did not really wantto come yet so he soon left and I returned to my car (TBC)

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