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Restrained and fisted for the first time

9:02 pm Thursday, 31st December, 2009

About a week after Frans party, I met a guy called Steve. I had met him twice before and the lasttime we had seen each other I said I would like to be helpless before him. As usual, we met at a carpark at the edge of a wood near Hemel Mempstead. I got out of the car to kiss him and we started to walk the hundred yards or so to his house. Before we were out of the carpark , his fingers were inside my skirt and tickling my cunny and cock. By the time I was climbing the stairs in his house, the red satin panties were already sodden but I was to have no chance to redress myself. Steve pulled my arms behind my back and trussed them tightly at the wrist. He tied a cloth over my eyes, and I felt but did not see the ball gag being pulled into my mouth. Steve pushed me forward and I fell face first on the bed. Soon my legs were bound at ankle and knee. Steve had still not spoken but as he pulled my skirt up to my waist, I could feel him pulling my G String aside and applying lube to my anus. His fingertips roamed in and out but then his fingers started to push. Wider and wider my arse was being stretched more than I had dreamt (dreaded) was possible. I would be crying but I couldnt. At last his fist was inside and the pain eased to a dull ache but I could feel a fullness I had never experienced before. In he pressed, his fist seemed to go deeper than I could take and I started to groan as I wanted to beg him to stop but he was nearly finished. As he pulled out I felt a surge of pain as his fist saw daylight again and I relaxed.
"Now its your turn to enjoy yourself Nikki", whispered Steve as he rolled me onto my side. I felt and heard a vibrator penetrating my swollen cunt and his fingers started to play up and down my shaft. I started to strat to cum but held it back. I wanted more. Indeed I soon felt Steves lips enclose my glans and his tongue was flicking over my sensitive knob. His lips were removed and again he started to wank me and still he pumped me with the dildo. I started to shudder as I came and he milked out my gream until I had no more. "There" he said "I have that in a glass for you to drink later. I am just going downstairs to watch telly and will be up later" And he left me there. Helpless, having to restrain my panic and not sure of when he would come back and what he was going to do next.
It seemed hours later that I heard his steps on the stairs; peeing in the toilet; the tap ran and then he went downstrairs. Ages later he came upstairs again and this time I was rolled onto my front again. I felt his cock probing my sore ass and then I felt it pushing in. It was so comfortable and filled me so well. I couldnt move to respond to steve but I tried to encourage him as I wriggled to take him deeper and deeper. I had the balls slapping against me as he was thrusting harder and harder. Steve was pulling my thighs towards him when I could sense him stiffen and I was empty. He was undoing my legs and then my arms and then releasing my gag. I reached up to pull off the blidfold but Steve stopped me and told me to drink the plass he handed me. As I put it to my lips I could taste it was cold spunk. Gorgeous. I felt some dribbling down my chin ans the warm spunk strted to dribble from my arse. Steve then lifted me to my feet and guided me down the stairs and out the front door, which I heard close behind me. I pulled off the blindfold to see a couple pass by on the pavement. I pulled down my skirt over my cum dripping cunt and walked back to my car. On my way home I stopped in to see Fran and tell her what the day had revealled. When Fran saw me she started to laugh but it was only when I looked in the mirror that I realized Steve ad written CUM SLUT on my forehead in lipstick. As I said to Fran while describing the evening "Well it was accurate".

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5:41 am Wednesday, 11th September, 2013

I wish I had Steve in my life my cock is throbing

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