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the cumming of Rosie D....

2:02 pm Monday, 18th November, 2013

There are two sisters who live on the outskirts of the village. I believe that they lived in the same big old ruin of a house for all of their long lives. I have made no particular inquiry of their ages, though i estimate them to be in their late fifties or thereabouts - or 'old enough to know better', as Mrs L informed me one morning as i purchased my papers.

Mrs L had been openly glaring at the sisters from the moment they entered her tiny shop. Her fists whitened as she pressed herself almost across the counter, craning her neck so that she could keep an eye on Rosie and Victoria D. If it was Mrs L's intention to hurry the sisters into making their purchase and leaving then her actions were wholly ineffective. The sisters, if anything, lingered longer than they might have otherwise - taking an almost amusing amount of time to look through a display of post-cards they clearly had no intention of buying. This so incensed Mrs L that she very nearly forgot to flirt with me - which would have been something of a relief.. if i'm honest.

'Is that everything you need?' she fluttered when she remembered that i was there.

Mrs L is a woman of few assets. Outwardly flirtatious, at times, but lacking the sincerity of purpose to really carry off her sometime girlish facade. Mrs L is a woman i recognise as one who would promise the sexual universe to a man, if she thought that would make her an object of desire, but who was singularly determined not to deliver on that promise. To Mrs L sex is a dirty thing... and not in good way.

She coldly serves the two sisters as i am leaving. Taking their money in silence (except for a disapproving throaty growl which she seems incapable to disguising). The sisters, for their part, grin and almost giggle, and make a great show of their general joy with the world. They are bright little creatures those sisters, and genuinely careless of their reputation in the village.

For as long as anyone can remember the sisters have been the object(s) of open disgust amongst the villagers.

'The village bikes,' as Mr M once took the time to inform me - unaware, perhaps, of his obvious arousal as he watched the sisters sashay up the hill and out the village.

Because i am rather intolerant of hypocrisy i told him that i thought he was a little prick and should keep his opinions to himself in future. To be fair on Mr M he now makes quite an effort to avoid me since.

The sisters' reputation for 'vice' is not wholly undeserved. In fact they take great joy in that reputation i think. I have watched Rosie D in particular in the local pub of a Sunday as she works her considerable charms on the young men of the village. Vicky D watches from corner, though seems, somehow to direct her sister's actions. Almost like a shepherd, and by signals that i have not yet deciphered, Vicky D somehow cajoles her sister to separate out some likely 'ram' and bring him to their table. By the plying of drink, the brush of thigh and the promise of something more Rosie D invariably succeeds in her endeavors. This is, i should make clear, no lamb to the slaughter, but an untamed 'ram' who, having the scent of 'heat' in his head, rushes willingly to the rut.

The look in the eyes of the other 'youths' is telling. There is nothing of ridicule in their stares but rather a sort of resigned envy. Whatever the sisters offer is clearly desired amongst that herd.

Having selected their prize for the evening the sisters leave, their laughter nipping on the heels of the village elders and making them wince.

One evening, as i was walking home, i came across the sisters 'at work' on one of their young men. I had taken a detour over the sea path and there they were below me.

Vicky D (i think... it was difficult to tell them apart at that time) was squatting over the the young mans face. Rosie D (if it was her) was squat over his groin. The young man himself, at this point at least, was almost obscured by the sisters shirts - which billowed as they rose and fell almost to the rhythm of the tide.

There was no rush about the sisters' movements. It was an almost languid scene, almost lazy how they rose and and descended on that pebble beach. Before too long and equally unhurried each of the sisters got their feet. The young man looked rather stranded then. His pale body rather fragile i thought - other than his cock which was.. substantial and clearly very engorged. He did, however have a rather stunned expression on his face.

They almost had to lift him to his feet the 'poor boy' looked so shaken. Rosie D (i was sure it was her) bent herself over... she was very limber for her age and her fingers brushed her toes easily. The boy attempted to 'mount' her immediately but Vicky D held him back for a moment while she carefully arranged her sisters skirt. Then, taking the young man in hand she guided his cock into her sister. She took his and and appeared to wet it on her own cunt before directing it into her sisters anus - at least i assume that was the action. Rosie D made the first noise i had heard as i begun watching - an almost animal squeal.. of genuine delight.

At this point her sister left the boy to his own devices and moved to stand in front of her sister. she took a handful of her sisters hair and pulled her head upwards. Carefully she placed her skirt over her sisters raised head and, tilting her hips, she began to rock.

It was quite a picture in the moonlight. The sisters joined and the young man fucking harder now that he aware of what was happening in front of him. Vicky, her sisters tongue buried perhaps in her cunt, looked almost serene. Though her arm was pumping hard then, driving her sisters mouth onto her.

A rustle further along the path distracted me. Though he thought i had not seen him the disapproving Mr M was 'hiding' in the shadows a few yards from me. He had obviously secreted himself their in anticipation of this, perhaps, weekly performance.

I do hate hypocrites. Having seen enough myself i made my way home - for once with some hope that this village would not turn to be as dull as i had sometimes feared.

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2:38 pm Monday, 18th November, 2013

must say the closest i came to see of anything of that in our village was a time i was very drunk. When i was still able to drink.
I had not gone home from a band concert i had been playing at, but gone out with the guy who is now my ex to the local sawdust bar. That is somewhere at the time you would have wiped the blood and urine off your feet on the way out. Has come up in the world since then might i had.
I had just started to drive and knew i would get a throttling when i went home being late never mind drunk so i had parked my car a mile from house and walked back into town.I intended on saying the car had broken down and i had to walk the rest of the way.
About 1am i had decided enough was enough and started to walk home. My senses were perhaps not all they should have been so instead of sticking to the street lights i had walked through the park. The moon was out so i could see where i was going. The river runs through the park and under a bridge and i had took the short cut.
There i could hear in the shadows a couple. I could not see what they were actually at and not wanting to walk through the park again i kept going. Then i recognised them two other band members. He had her bent over hands along the green grime of the bricks under the bridge. Rather a tall blonde girl not fat but curvy . A bit hard to keep going when i recognized them and the path had narrowed. I tip toed slowly hoping i had not been sprung. But he saw me and smiled. I knew she hadnt and i walked quicker the sound of the overhead cars drowning out the echoes of my feet as i walked . I knew she would enjoy herself as had enjoyed said cock on a number of occasions he had been my first. Twenty years older than me but hadnt taken long to seduce him. He should have known better i used him to lose my virginity and nothing more. It had been fun after the first occasion.
I knew she would enjoy his cock it as thick and not long but gave you a sense of being filled up. I left them to it for i also knew he would not take long....she probably wouldnt even cum as he would shoot his cum on her ass or in her and pull up his zip. Hoping she was too drunk to remember i imagine as she almost invariably was. I walked quicker knowing that not even the encounter could sober me up fast enough to not get caught when going home.
MIght i add my mother drove me straight down the road to see if the car would start ....which unfortunately it did.

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2:49 pm Monday, 18th November, 2013

mothers always know ginger lol

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3:01 pm Monday, 18th November, 2013

Roger where is that masterpiece?!!

JOhn Brewer said 'The pleasures of the imagination ….are not so gross as those of sense nor so refined as those of understanding’.

As the brain is supposed to be the largest sex organ in the body it is natural to gain excitement through that which we imagine as much from that which can see

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4:40 pm Monday, 18th November, 2013

ginger.. i liked the way you told that.. a lot.
as much about you as them.

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10:38 pm Monday, 18th November, 2013

tried imitating yours slightly i think :)

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