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road side services included....

12:19 am Monday, 11th November, 2013

ms C has begun up a little about her recent past. today, with my cum still dripping from her cheeks and chin she she offered to confess an old sin. on her knees with the light from the small window the slanting across bare and pinked arse, she told me about the truck stop and how she had visited it every night for two whole weeks the previous summer.

it had always been her habit to walk her dogs the two miles out of the village towards the 'big road' (as it is known in the village). there is a narrow nature trail that leads - eventually to a three bay truck stop. normally Mrs C would stop short of the lay-by - there were rumours of... activities amongst the trucks and Ms C had never been tempted to confirm their nature.

then one evening last summer Ms C had walked the extra twenty yards. it was dark under the canopy of oaks and a barely dabbled light danced across the steep sides of two trucks. at first Mrs C assumed that the trucks were empty. this, she said, made her a little bold, and she hardly adjusted her footfall as she approached the first cab - even though the door was open.

'there was no sound you see,' she whispered. 'or.. at least.. not a sound i recognised.'

she said even as she looked into the cab she didn't really see at first what was happening. the driver, though not in the drivers seat, was sitting back with his head slack on the rest. his eyes were closed and, Ms C said that her first thought was that he was asleep. then, moments later, or longer, she noticed something moving on his lap.

'i honestly thought it was a.. dog... just for a second... then i knew it wasn't. it was the top of a head and it was moving... quite... rhythmically. but, even then, i didn't really understand...'

Ms C paused, a little smile settled on her thin, cum stained, lips.

'then... as i heard him moan... then i understood...'

she said that even before the head lifted far enough for her to see the root of the drivers cock she knew what she was witnessing. and then the noises too made sense, she said.

'wet noises, soft, and little moans and... almost gagging...'

she didn't know how long she watched.. that first time. it was a sort of dream, she suggested. and then a face tilted towards her - and a pair of pale eyes met hers. and, for the first time she saw the lips that were wrapped around the truckers visibly pulsing stem.

the face did not seem in the least startled. Ms C reasoned that this woman - she did not recognise her - was used to spectators.

'i think she actually smiled... though it was hard to tell because her mouth was already.. stretched... but i think she did....'

at that very moment the truckers legs straightened and shook, and his hips (involuntarily?) rose in little spasms.

'fuck!' he growled through grinding teeth.

as he exclaimed his eyes opened and he was looking straight at Ms C. a last spasm passed up through him and, at last, he grinned.

'he didn't have.. very nice teeth,' Ms C observed from her knees with my cum dripping now onto her bared breasts.

'he wasn't very handsome.. i remember thinking... and he smelled of beer and sweat. and his.. cock.. had already begun to shrink under his belly..'

Ms C turned to me, hoping to explain her thoughts on the matter.

'the woman was.. well she wasn't young but she was quite... pretty. she was... well dressed... as far as she was dressed at all.. she looked so.. respectable.... even with his...thing.. in her mouth.. respectable... sort of....' she paused. 'i'm not explaining that very well.... it's just they didn't look... right.. with each other... '

'what happened then?' i inquired, with only slight interest.

'nothing... she wiped her face with a paper tissue.. and threw it out of the cab. then he closed the door and i could hear them... laughing. at me.. no doubt.'

then she told me that, almost without thinking she had picked up the paper tissue and put it into her coat pocket. when she got home she had remembered putting it there and had taken it out.

'it was still a little.. damp.. not sticky.. but damp... i held it to my nose and i hardly recognised the smell.. and, at the same time, i knew it and i could almost.. taste it... so i held it to my nose and i... felt my.. wetness.. with my fingers... and.. hardly touching myself i just.... came...! just like that...! and... again...!'

a shudder rippled across her breasts.

'i went back... every night for two weeks... but it never happened again.... and, after two weeks the smell faded and it was just old stained tissue and had no.. meaning left in it....'

she looked a little sad, for a brief moment, then, licking at her cum stained lips she smiled again and i could sense that she wanted now to be made to pay for her sins....

i, as ever, was more than happy to oblige...

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