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once upon a cum slut....

2:06 pm Friday, 8th November, 2013

Mrs D was fifty one years old when i first met her. She was a small, well preserved woman who carried a little extra weight - but carried it well. her breasts were disproportionately large, her hips wide, and her limbs sturdy... but very shapely. Mrs D was, in other words, a woman of considerable assets and she knew how to dress in order to emphasise them.

though, for all her curvaceous charms, she struck me instantly as a rather shy and even reserved creature. women who are more aware of their sexual allure tend to meet the admiring gaze of men with something approaching defiance. Mrs D, on the other hand, tended to avoid eye contact entirely. (i learned later that her husband was a bully and never less than jealous and the Mrs D had learned, over the years, not to encourage the admiration of other men).

i recognised something in Mrs D the instant i saw her. She was working as a legal secretary in an office i frequented at the time.

'I have an appointment with T,' i informed her, that first time.

Mrs D did not look up but told me to go right in. i thanked her, but did not move. without looking up she told me again that i might go straight as i was expected. again i thanked her, and, again i did not move.

having given her little choice she looked up at me. her eyes were almost black and there was more than a little sadness in them. nervously she repeated that i was expected.

i smiled and nodded and handed her my card.

'call me,' i said.

uncertain what else to do she took my card. i leant forward, holding her gaze (not too far... i had no desire to startle her):

'i see... things,' i said, simply.

'what things...?'

i felt that it was too early to mention that i was already certain that she often came to work with no panties on, or that she, infrequently, masturbated in the office toilet, or that she, often, imagined herself gagging on clients cocks. too early to frighten her with what i already knew... just looking into her eyes. time enough for such.. revelations, i thought.

'call me,' i said again as i stepped away and arranged myself for the said appointment.

it was several days before i had another appointment at Mrs D's offices, and she had not called by the time i returned. i was not disappointed - such things take time and a certain amount of nurture. Mrs D looked up immediately i entered the room, it was obvious that she had been anticipating my visit. she had subtly altered her make up, her lips a little more crimson, her cheeks a little more blushed. she wore a red blouse, plain but almost sheer across the shoulders, i suspected that she was rarely so bold in her choice of clothing - especially at work. when she stood i saw that her skirt was pencil and hugged her curves - it was very clear that panties were not an option in such a skirt. Mrs D looked almost brazen in that moment - there was even a hint of defiance in her dark eyes as she asked me to follow her.

'Mr D is expecting you,' she said.

she ensured that she walked ahead of me and that i would not be able to ignore the deliberate swing of her hips, and the clip of her little heels. Just as deliberate was the brush of the tips of her breasts as she turned to open Mr D's office door for me.

after my meeting i spoke to Mrs D further. i suggested that she might call around to my own offices in the near future where i was certain she would prove very... useful. i said that i was very conscious of how well she kept her own office and felt that she might have some suggestions for improvements in how my office was... arranged.

not without some pleasure in the little game both knew we were now playing Mrs D, and in an unnaturally loud voice, said that she was sure she would have some... contribution to make. the budding of her large nipples was not discrete in that red blouse and, for once, Mrs D did not appear to with to hide her arousal.

'tomorrow lunch time?' i suggested - though it was less a suggestion than an instruction.

'i'm owed two hours,' she said almost breathlessly then.

as she returned to her desk i noticed a small patch of dampness in the seat of her skirt - a very good look on a woman like Mrs D i thought.

* * *

the following afternoon was fascinating. Mrs D was almost innocent in her... enthusiasms. in a gush almost, she told me that she had not been 'treated as a woman' in almost ten years' and not 'treated as whore' ever - though that was what she longed to be.

'i close my eyes,' she confessed in a rush of words. 'and cock stabs at me. so many i don't have enough places to put them... and i want them all, and inside me.. and all all at once. in my mouth.. in my...'


'yes,' she said without hesitation. 'in my cunt an in my....'

'arse,' i can be very helpful when i want to be.

'in my arse,' she immediately agreed. 'i've never had a cock in my arse.. but.. when i close my eyes and can almost feel it... filling me up... all the the heat of it... and how it pulses as it slips up my filthy hole....'

i took her by the hair and bent her over my desk.

'pull up your skirt,' i ordered. 'show me your filthy hole. spread yourself and show me.'

in her haste she almost split the seam of her skirt. as i suspected she was not wearing panties and as she spread her plump cheeks i could see how her anus had begun to pulse - the little little knot of it beginning to untie as she anticipated how it was to be 'abused'.

'you want cock up your whore arse don't you Mrs D?' as so often at such times, it was not a question.

'fuck me,' she almost spat.

'you want your whore arse fucked and then, when my cock is as dirty as your arse you want to forced to like it clean... don't you?'

her anticipation caused her to almost cum even before we had begun. her cunt swelled and a thick creamy juices streamed down her her inner thighs. her fingernails were digging into her arse cheeks so deeply that the skin was breaking in several places... it was as though she could not open herself wide enough. the little knot of her anus was so loosened than that it had begun to gape.

it took nothing.. only the gesture of my hand as i gathered up some of that creamy wetness to lavish on her anus she came. it was such a powerful orgasm that i had to use a good deal of my strength to keep her in position as she bucked and her cunt gushed so powerfully that it soaked through the trousers of my suit and over my shoes.

it was as she was cumming that i pressed my cock into her and thrust it deeply as she continued to writhe and whine....

and so it began. the training of mrs D... an extraordinary little cum slut as it was to transpire.....

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