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2:39 pm Saturday, 2nd November, 2013

Ms T makes a very particular sound as she cums - a sort of extended rattle in her throat combined with a nasal whimper. this may be, in part, because of her predilection for having her airway somewhat restricted when aroused. but as she finds it near impossible to achieve a satisfying orgasm otherwise, i have no way of confirming this. whatever the cause it is a wonderfully erotic sound - and i find it very pleasing.

when she has been permitted her first state of release i will unhook her lead and let her fall to her knees where she may sniff at my crotch while she recovers her breath - if not quite her composure. i then unloop the bindings from her limbs.

by a yank on her lead i will direct her to a bucket of water and demand that she mop up my floor with what is left of her clothing. if she is slow to respond i will twist the plug in her anus, or spank her tits until she is properly compliant. post-orgasm she is generally more placid - for a while at least.

though we rarely talk these days, Mr T has in past extensively discussed her relationship with men and how they have almost always disappointed her. she told me that she had joined the legal profession because of an erotic obsession with the symbolic power of Judges. as a child she would play truant at least once a month so that she could attend court hearings. often, she explained, at the very moment the Judge entered and the entire chamber rose to its feet she would experience a sensation that she only later came to identify as an orgasm. when she was older (though not much) she would remove her knickers before she entered the court room and would sit with her bared cunt facing towards the 'bench'.

'i hoped that he would notice my... contempt. prayed, actually prayed that he would call me to his chambers in order to... correct my behaviour. but they never did. and most of them - in reality - are such bloodless little men i'm rather glad they didn't now.'

it was the idea of judges, rather than the flesh of them, that Ms T had found so compelling. but this idea was enough to spoil her for other men, she said.

'a judge, at least, has robes and ceremony to bolster their reputation for power. most men don't even have that.'

Ms T was not attracted to weakness. as most men were incapable of controlling her behaviour she grew ever more contemptuous of them. when i met her she married to a former rugby player who she referred to openly as her 'bitch'. this made her laugh. it was my refusal to join her in this 'joke' that first attracted her attention.

'have we met?' she asked

'my name is G,' i said. 'how long have you wanted to be somebody's bitch?'

on her knees, mopping up her piss with the rags of her beautiful expensive clothes Ms T is almost orgiastic. as she wrings out the rags into the bucket i begin the indelicate task of removing her butt plug. she is beginning to whimper again. hoping i will not notice she attempts to rub herself against my leg and has to be chastised for that - a sharp tug on her collar, a firm spank of her cunt.

i bend to whisper into her ear:

'if you are a very good girl... a very good girl i will fuck you in the arse...!'

if she had had a tail she would have wagged it then. her tongue lolled and her eyes appeared less focussed than before. eagerly - almost too eagerly perhaps she sat on her commode as filled the bulb of the pretty silvered douche i had brought her back from France.

once clean and fully inspected Ms T was fixed to a bench i designed for the specific purpose of anal play and her 'treatment' recommenced. though now her nipples were clamped and weighted and her head angled in such a way that, when i chose to allow her, she might slip her tongue into my anus occasionally. or sniff it.. like a dog... when i felt this more.. appropriate. this is a rare treat for her but i feel it necessary to indulge her.. once in a while.

the rest of the time i used productively. pin wheeling her soaked cunt or slipping a judges gavel into her anus... to soften the knot of is so that it was better able to take my cock.. eventually. all the while controlling her breath with the collar and lead.

such things should never be rushed and i was careful to deny her several opportunities to orgasm before, and after some considerable time, allowing her cum in heavy and continuous waves as i lined the walls of her arse with my own hot cum.

at eight forty five Ms T covered her bruised nakedness with her coat, and left - almost wordlessly. we have reached that point in our 'relationship' where thanks are no longer necessary. it is taken for granted that she is grateful.

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