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the visitors book of pleasures....

4:05 pm Friday, 1st November, 2013

at half past three in afternoon, the sun already sinking behind the sea cliff, my visitor arrived. Ms T is a thick-set woman, though not quite plump, and with the necessary stature to carry her weight well. she is a silk in a local chambers and dresses accordingly. her suit is invariably smart, the heels of her shoes are sensible, and her shirts taylored and always buttoned all the way to her neck.

as she enters she hands me a pair of lace panties - damp to the touch, and heavily scented. she had been instructed to remove them as she left court and to insert them into her cunt before she drove to the village. by their texture and wetness i was satisfied that she had done as she was told.

Ms T leads a very professional life and is highly respected by her peers. it is rumoured that she will be called to the bar within two years, and there is little reason to doubt this. many of her cases have a high profile and she is frequently called on to offer her legal opinion both on radio and television.

she removes her coat, puts down her fine leather briefcase, and gets down onto her knees. from this position she licks the crotch of my jeans and makes short, dog-like, panting. and little whining, noises. Miss T is never less than willing to please, and hates to waste any time before displaying her enthusiasm.

i push her head away and put her collar around her neck.

'good girl,' i say, though hardly in a soothing tone.

i yank her collar so that she is on all fours and pull her skirt up over her haunches. the butt plug (steel and stanless) is clearly visible.

'you drove here wearing this?' i ask.

she nods and waits for her reward. i permit her to sniff my crotch for a moment before leading her back through the cottage to the quiet room.

here i tie her lead to a hook in the ceiling so that the collar is tight enough to force her to alter her breathing. i remove her shoes then. now, in order to relieve the pressure on her throat, she is forced to stand on her tiptoes.

further restraints are applied. loops around the ankles, and around her wrists and tied off at various points so that her legs are a little splayed and her arms stretched backwards.

her shirt is linen and obviously expensive. this i cut open with a small blade i keep for just such purposes. with a show of impatience i tear at the material so that it is ruined beyond repair. her bra is exquisite, silk and lace, and beautifully constructed. this i cut and tear also so that her heavy breasts drop and swing as she fights to maintain her breathing. her skirt survives a little longer.. but not much.. so that she is soon completely exposed - cunt and arse, breasts and thighs.

the soon to be Honourable Ms T pissed on the floor in anticipation of what was to come - even though she knows i do not encourage such behavour and would be bound to punish her for it. naughty Ms T.

by the turning of her plug and liberal application of the pinwheel to the inner parts of her labia and across the tight little knot of her anus was able to subdue her a little. once or twice, overcome with pleasure her slipped and she began to choke on the collar. this, obviously, had to be rectified.. fairly quickly. (it is a potentially dangerous element to this sort of play and should never be undertaken without due regard to safety).

i assisted her posture by inserting a cunt hook and bearing some of her weight myself while allowing the bulb on the end of the hook to press against her g-spot - a fortunate coincidence perhaps...

all this took some time and proper regard was given to ensuring that she did not achieve orgasm within the first hour. due to the anticipation she pissed herself again, twice.

if only her court associates could have seen her. their high opinion of her might have lowered somewhat, though, i personally believe that it should have, instead, risen. she is rarely so honest as when she is suspended from my ceiling. and rarely to be admired more than when she cums, again and again, as my cock brushes along the little shaft of her clit.

but then... what do i know really? i've never been one to judge... and certainly not one to judge a future judge....

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5:20 pm Friday, 1st November, 2013

So sexy

7:08 pm Friday, 1st November, 2013

thank you... was a little rushed today... but will post more when i get the chance

10:48 pm Friday, 1st November, 2013

there is no bad context for an orgasm...

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