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My love making story in France with beauty

10:23 am Saturday, 9th September, 2023

Hi guys I wanted to share this incident with you guys that happened with me may be 7 year back, when I was studying my masters in France, this happened in around summer there was very good weather around and all beaches were open for visit and every one was on their summer dress. Through our course we have to do internship at the end and everyone else got internship in my class except me so I have to move away from university campus to somewhere in city and I found one cheap student accommodation where there was common cooking area as them were students of other university’s as the city I was staying had couple of world class along with my university as I spent two months there was new batch of foreign students came to R(I am just aliasing the university) university. There were many Chines students where there.Generally most of the students take bath in the evening and as usual I took bath and I went to cooking area and started cooking Indian food (rice and chicken curry), because of smell one chines girl came out of her room and she asked me are you Indian the food smells good I said with the smile I said yes. And I invited her for dinner and we had dinner and slowly we became friends, we used to go for a walk and grocery shopping mean while I started having crush on her because she was so beautiful and cute.At this point I got selected to an internship in one of the reputed company of nether land and I decided to visit India and go and join my internship it was March and I booked tickets and said to her let us alias her here(Bing), she said she likes Bollywood Saree(Sadi) and asked me to get one for her, as I was already had crush on her I said yes I will definitely get nice SADI. I am from Karnataka and we are famous for Mysore silk Sadi and I got one for 15000 that time and put in my bag and went to Paris and from there to my city R by train and I was tired and I slept of that whole day and night and next day evening as usual I took bath made some food and eat, Bing came to my room with a big excitement and asked if got SADI and I said no I forgot and she was little upset at that point as I can see in her face and said “that’s ok my bad luck” before she completes that sentence I took out beautiful sadi and kept in front of her in that movement out of excitement she gave me tight hug . Then I asked her to wear the SADI and she said she don’t know to how to do that, and asked me to help her as I was also not expert we both opened the YouTube and I started to tie the sadi and she was wearing a sweat pant and t-shirt slowly I lifted her t-shirt where I could see her beautiful belly and very cute belly button and slowly I put arm around her and took Sadi around her and one end I put in her sweet pants and slowly stared role the sadi around her by the my berth got heavy and slowly I could feel her berth also getting heavy .. that time she was so close to me that I could hear her heart beat when I folded the sadi and I took my hands near her belly button my hands started she wearing and she told with mellow voice to go ahead then slowly I stretched her pants and started to put the fold in to her pants I was touching her body I felt like it was very smooth and silky and I got goose bumps on my body and I noticed that my male part was hard and standing then I slowly put the folds in and took my hands out and I stood up to do upper part of the SADI and mean while I touched her boob twice by accident and she was wearing padded bra that I noticed and I asked her to turn other side and I came to her back slowly she was coming towards me as my boner was already at the peak it touched her ass and she said nothing then I got very comfortable and slowly I hold her hand and turned around said that’s it you look beautiful then she came very close to me such a way that I could even feel her berth on my chest and slowly I hold her face in my arm and closed my eyes and made a move and she responded and I kissed her let me tell you at that moment I felt like current was running through my body and after few seconds she felt her lips were very soft and juicy and she started tong action and it was kind of heaven like I felt then I also started to use my tong and we kissed for around 5 min and then I slowly I took my hands around her cute little well rounded ass and it was so tender and I felt like I am touching some kind of sponge ball I played with it for some time by then half of the saree was on the ground the I removed half and now slowly Ieft my hands in to her pants to grab her bottom they were actually cold and silky smooth and soft at the same time I as I was squeezing her bottoms with my both the hand she slowly let her hands in to my pants as grabbed my bottom and she started squeezing , I slowly moved her to bed and made her sleep on bed without moving away from her lips then I slowly I removed my T-shirt and she also removed her and she was wearing very nice bra with very nice and pleasant color (it was between cream and pink ) it was padded and from there could see her cute boob which was firm and nicely shaped then I started kissing her neck part and she stared responding with some kind of sound which was so arousing that I kept on doing that for some time then slowly I started to move down wards when I came to boos part I skipped it and I kissed around that and she got aroused very much then I kissed around her navel and belly part by then she pulled me up and started smooching then I slowly took my hands around her and unchecked her bra and suddenly I could feel something under my chest I removed her bra and saw her nipples and boobs it was best combination of fare skin and top of that cherry type nipple I slowly I moved my fingers around her boos and then moving my figure around her nipple she suddenly grabbed me and pushed my face towards her boobs the started eating her boos and nipples I it was perfect size boob for my mouth I could keep her half of entire boob in to my mouth it was firm and kind of spongy I loved it so much that I kept on and on after some time I slowly moved down kissing her body and removed her pants gently and I could see very elegant color silk type panties sticking her body I got more aroused mentally and physically then I started kissing her legs let me tell you her thighs were perfect ant very soft to touch I could say I have never touched such a beautiful Thais then I removed my pants and I was also on blue color jockey sports underwire with my boner stretching it to its limit and slowly I removed her undergarment my god she had such a beautiful pussy it was like picture perfect thick lips and very clear skin and it was like sponge bun my god when I touched her pussy and opened it was fully wet and it was dark pink color while I touched her pussy she started moaning the I directly put my mouth and started licking it so much that she started making loud sounds of moaning I just played wit it long time and it was so juicy and clean I kept on doing it at some point I felt like she started coming by holding my head in between her thighs tightly after that I moved away then she got up and pulled my jockey down and my boner stared swinging up and down then she got hold of it and done some hand action and put it in to her small mouth and started blowjob I felt like it was great pleasure she used her tong many times in between then I closed my eyes with pleasure … meanwhile I was about to cum then she moved to balls she put one of my ball in to her mouth is started pulling inside her mouth and she played with them for long time and suddenly asked for condoms as i always used to keep box o condom in my room I just grabbed it from my drawer and gave box and with the smile she said can you use full box and I smiled she took out one put it on dick and she fell done facing upward then I suddenly jumped on her like a tiger and started kissing her then I tried to put my dick In to her pussy it was tight then she grabbed my dick and said slowly in chines accent and she made room and I pushed slowly and she closed her eyes tightly and expressed some pain but slowly is started moving then somehow it got lubricated and became easy and it was still tight then I started the moving faster and she increased the sound of moaning and in couple of minute I came and still I kept on the motion for a while and she moved me away and I see full of cum in condom I removed the condom and went bathroom and cleaned and came back then it was small then she gave blowjob and this time she has to work hard and it was standing then it put condom and again she fell on the bed with head down then I slowly grabbed her and made her stand in doggy position by seeing her in that passion my dick got more erect and hard then I licked her pussy and bit her ass to arose her then she asked for a fuck then I slowly I put my dick in her pussy and pushed gently she suddenly moved forward with pain then I grabbed her and adjusted and slowly fucked this time it was more tighter and I started the fucking and she started moaning loudly and within some moves I felt she was Cumming and moving me away from her but I was in full swing I slowed down and I felt her cum it was very warm, I kept the movement and it started giving sound from pussy and it was very nice within couple of minute I started Cumming and still I kept moving for few more second then she also started Cumming then she fell down on the bed and I on her back and we had great time then I started breathing her years and we had some cuddles and … I grabbed my wine bottle both of us drank again I got hungry both had food again and had couple of sessions and slept of … after that we met many time before I moving to Netherlands and had great love making and I have visited her between my internship and once I done my internship I had plans to come back to India and she came to drop me to Paris airport and now we are still good friends.

12:12 pm Tuesday, 19th September, 2023

Nice story well written. You have very good syory telling abilities, so expecy more storirs of your adventures.

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I am young person .looking for fun

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