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The continued sexploits of the ex Pt.9

8:49 pm Tuesday, 5th September, 2023


So following her naked work outs and girl-on-girl trysts with the PT Charley, the ex admitted to me she needed to find herself at least one more cock to ride on before deciding whether she fancied making her endorphin fuelled fun something more regular. I offered to come and play with them both, as Charley sounds like someone I'd love to be running my hands over even if I didn't get to have sex with her, but that was something the ex didn't want to try.

So not to arouse the suspicions of her recent sex partner, the ex took a trip away for a long weekend in a hotel to hunt down some new flesh to fill her pussy. Upon checking in, she threw herself straight in the shower with the intention of dressing upto the nines to lure in potential partners. After washing herself she took to drying her hair whilst standing in the window of her room displaying her naked body to anyone who wished to take in the view. Hoping to exude sex the ex had picked out her sauciest underwear, opting for a lacy bra, stockings and suspenders whilst jettisoning her knickers in case she wanted to offer rapid access to her increasingly juicy pussy. The ex topped off her "Hello Boys" look with a slinky blue dress, split up the leg to just below her hip to show off the full length of her long legs and the stockings.

Having taken her time to doll herself up, with the ultimate aim of having someone remove her dress and make a mess of her carefully crafted make-up, the ex perched herself on a high stool in the hotel bar and ordered a drink whilst reading the room.

After 30 minutes of frustration, nursing her drink and seeing only couples coming into the bar, a single guy walked into the bar and they fleetingly locked eyes; not wishing to look desperate, the ex vacated her stool to head to the toilet. Locking herself in a cubicle the ex required a quick self-pleasuring of her aching pussy, now so juicy she knew if she managed to get a hard cock in the vicinity it would be a frictionless entry, before using the wetness to lube her trusty plug's entry to her asshole.

The ex returned to the bar, now fully prepared for any approach that may come her way, the guy she had traded looks with earlier was now reclined in a large armchair and in conversation with another lad who had obviously arrived whilst she had been organising herself. The first guy soon wandered up to the bar and made a beeline for the ex, he asked when he might be able to get a closer look at what he had seen earlier; the ex feigned innocence but suggested that he might want to come for a walk. The stranger coolly followed the ex as she wandered out of the bar and into the grounds of the hotel; he ushered her towards a well manicured hedge and the ex slipped her dress off her shoulders to allow it to drop to the floor and reveal her bra, stockings, glinting butt-plug and her exposed tidily trimmed bush. The stranger took no time in dropping to his knees and worshipping the exes pussy with his tongue, not that it needed to be made any wetter, making her come almost instantly.

The ex asked the stranger where he was accommodated in the hotel, calculating how far she would need to walk with the weak knees she had from her recent orgasm. The stranger indicated he was in a ground floor room, given that wasn't too far to go the ex wrapped her dress around her waist to cover her pussy and handed her shoes to the stranger before brazenly walking back towards reception with her bra on show. The stranger then led the ex in the direction of his room; given the corridor was quiet, she stowed away her dress in her bag and unhooked her bra to reveal all of her intimate regions before being let through the door.

Having come once already, following months without any penetration from a cock, the ex was already in the mood for the prospect of more action with the guy who had been reeled in by her exhibitionist tactics. Dropping her bag and slipping off the last remaining scraps of material from her body, the now pointless stockings, she crawled onto the bed and proffered her plugged asshole and juicy pussy towards her prospective conquest. The stranger took the hint from the ex and soon joined her in getting naked but continued to tease her back by still just using his tongue on her sodden clit and labia until she had to literally beg him to ease his erection into her pussy.

He finally gave in to the exes begging and flipped her onto her back, spread her legs, and plunged into her frictionless sloppy snatch. The juiciness of her pussy allowed him to slide in and out at a frenetic pace without him coming close to climax; less could be said of the ex, starved of cock for so long it didn't matter how little friction was generated by the thrusting of her latest partner's erection, she came in a matter of moments having been craving a good fucking for months. Normally she would never have wanted to have sex laid on her back, preferring to be doggied, but given the regularity and intensity of her orgasms the ex welcomed just being able to lie there and continue to take the pummelling for what seemed like forever until the stranger asked if she wanted him to come inside her. It had been so long since there had been the promise of spunk in the viscinity of her body, the ex actually wanted to taste it and asked him to let her finish him off with her mouth until she got the cum tribute she desired running down her throat.

The stranger was satisfied after blowing his load, quickly pulled on some shorts and pulled together all of the exes gear into her bag. Deciding that the ex was an exhibitionist slut who would enjoy the thrill of a naked walk of shame, the stranger kicked her out of his hotel room with just her room key and locked her out in the corridor. Still a little disorientated and weak-kneed from the recent multiple orgasms she had experienced, the ex was crawling on all fours with her plugged ass and dripping pussy on show until she made it to the reception area.

Having recovered her composure and feeling in her legs, the ex decided it was time to own her nudity and walk through reception and the bar to the stairwell that would take her to her room as if it was completely normal. When she was met by no-one else walking across these open expanses, having expected she would end up being confronted by numerous eyes getting to see everything, it felt anti-climactic. Only on reaching her room did she feel a hand on her body, the stranger had followed her and already had the shorts round his ankles and erection on show; he was easing the butt-plug out of the exes ass as she was unlocking the door to her room. On the door opening the stranger pushed the ex onto her bed and was soon lubing up her ass using the juices from her still soaking pussy; the ex didn't even need to invite the stranger to fill her ass as he soon pushed his rock-hard cock into her dirtbox, where he took much less time to fill it with his spunk than he had spilling it down her throat.

The rest of the night continued as a repetition of the stranger hardening and the exes various holes taking a hammering and a dose of cum until both were spent and the ex was satisfied she had slaked her thirst for cock enough to allow her to return to scissoring with her PT for a while longer.

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