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First ever 3some with a stranger ..mfm

1:40 pm Monday, 4th September, 2023

This email was sent some time in 2008 !

We are middle aged couple in mid forties having growned up daughter,
studying in engineering college and staying with batch mates in hostel.So we are alone in house.I am working as a consultant in big corporate company
and she is home maker.

We hare having very good sexual life and being alone,we used to do in odd hours and fantasizing lot of
dirty ideas...like having sex with a distant friend or stranger,couples etc. We did it in real many times a decade ago when no mobile of internet exist....Let me describe our physical statistics : Myself : Age- 45
yrs,height-5'6",medium built up,medium complexion,tool size-6" 40mm girth,non-circumcised, loves the
orals and body odor of women is passionate for me.
Her's: age-40,ht 5'4",medium built up,wheatish,round boobs 40 size bra,long hair,some extra bulge.Loves
the orals,kissing etc.

Of late , during our love sessions, I have noticed my wife gets orgasms while I narrated fantasies
in threesome stories male-female-male.We started discussing to have this fantasies in real
.In the beginning she didn't totally agreeing with the idea having
threesome as she did as couples meet ,but gradually she likes and gave her consent to search a guy in thirties but he should not
be in our friend circle/relatives with whom we were fantasizing every day..The day she has given
consent,we had fiery sex sessions and especially I was getting more exciting by screwing my darling
with another guy and imagining the scene my darling is fully engrossed with a guy in my presence.
So,I began to exploring the suitable guy of her choice.(Her choice is : he should be decent,non-
smoker,hygiene with medium built up and should not using any deo-odorant. Looks/colours are immaterial
to her.Hairy chest,strong hunks and having big cock will be bonus for her.) After interacting with
several guys in various dating sites,I finally found a guy (Sanjay) from Bhopal who was in his
thirties,married and working in Automobile sector.We started interacting with Sanjay and finally
exchanged phone number.I was very nervous to talk with him ,but any way,rang him one day and casual
introduction made.In his talks he seems to be very polite and gentle and never demand to talk directly
to her.Then during session,I gave him call and handed over the phone to her.She nervously started
chatting and formal conversation were on..meanwhile beside her, I was having fully erected penis and
caressing her boobs ,hinted her to talk some erotic...she reciprocated and asked his physical stats and
also gave her physical stats...then,,gossips started about their sexual favorites etc.I felt some sort
sensual in my darling and I knew she was fully aroused.I rubbed her cunts and found full of moist...she
was still chatting and asked him to start masturbating..meanwhile I licked her face,ear,and then boobs
and slowly moves toward her crotch...and passionately licked the cunts.She was in full intoxicated and
shivering,jerking .It was reminding me of our honey moon days .

After returning to normalcy,I again called Sanjay and thanked him for phono -sex ,he also thanked to us
and said that he also enjoyed and masturbated fantasying us. I have requested him to plan as early as
possible.He has assured and said after a week time he will come to our place.Meanwhile I have requested
to send his pictures so that she can have feast on it!!He sent his normal photo and nude one too with
semi erected penis.Really it was big and well endowed.She was delighted and wanted to know when he is
coming. We were awaiting his arrival and every time we were on love session ,we used to describe our
fantasy about first encounter with him. In a couple of days,we got message that will be surprising us
very shortly.

One fine evening ,we got call that he is in our city and available to have pleasure of our company .I
told him to come directly to my house as it was not possible at that time to check in hotel and we
don’t want spoil our night. It was unbelievable and my wife aroused very much as me also...So he took
our address and assured to be here with in few hours. She was very excited to know that he is coming
here now and her heartbeat was increased. . So she prepared herself and wore sexy outfit ( Gorget
Saree with designer bra ,no blouse at all !!).I too mentally prepared and to overcome from
nervousness,I made a drinks and composed myself, because, fantasy for 3 some is coming to fulfil and I was
wondring how to handle the situation because, a stranger will screw my wife in front of me !! After
completing my small pegs, she sat beside my side and we started talking again about the arrangement
,she was too nervous-ed because some unusual will happened in next few hours !! She even tried to
postponed fearing some thing guilty..but I fully encouraged her,,and let enjoy the evening and let the
fantasy comes true.I told her,to be prepared and keep ready.

Finally door bell rang and I opened the door and found that he was smiling over there.He was perfect
guy we are looking for. Average height,with slight dark complexioned, and cleaned shaven. I greeted him
inside the drawing room and made him sit comfortably. After formal intros & few conversation about
finding my house, I made a drink for him. She was still in bedroom and when I told to come out she
didn’t reciprocate, perhaps, she was shying. Fearing coldness approach of her that could spoil all the
programmed I went inside, found that she has gone to upstairs and making arrangement at balcony (it was
big balcony with proper privacy)for open air sex !! I felt relief; was again filled with ecstasy.

After some time she came down and gave little smile. She was looking sex goddess at that time.She has
wore off cream colored gorget sari with a matching color designer’s bra but no petty coat. Her
cleavages and fleshy mounds were visible. Her hair was loose opened.He also greeted by shaking hand &
sat near to her. While sipping the drink no body talking and it was like uneasy to her.I told him to
have warm water bath and then come upstairs directly. He got the message and went to bath room.

Meanwhile she has gone again to upstairs.When he came out he was wearing just a towel and nothing
else. He was having good muscular body and moderate hairy chest with pink nipples.He followed with me
and sat again on the big mattress spread on the balcony, just near to her. She was very silent and so
were we..To make started and I narrated the phone sex incidents and how we enjoyed !! he was amused and
said that he was very excited after that incidents and have masturbated several times by dreaming her
!! Now the time has comes to have real fun !

This made me very horny and wanted to start the fun-play..but none of them were taking
initiative,perhaps feeling some uncomfortable due to my presence.So, I took excuse and disappeared (but
I was able to see them both in distance, the light was very dim..) from the scene with giving signal to
her to go ahead. I saw she was slowly crawling to him and hugged him tightly .He also hugged her
tightly. Then she began to rub her body with his bare body with heavy breathing and he also doing same
action..Then he squeezed her round boobs and she took off his towel and his thigh with erected tool
was clearly visible. He was were wearing white boxer .She squeezed his tool and began kissing him
passionately..He also made her complete nude and began to suck her boobs..then she lifted his arms and
licked the armpit which was having small thicken moisten hair , slowly moves downward ,lickings the
chest,nipples and sticked on his white coloured brief .After some time she took off his boxer and his
tool sprang up and started rubbing her face, she kisses it and licked.Her tongue moves on the foreskin
and veins of cocks and then finally gobbled his tool inside her mouth.It was very sexy scene and much
awaited fantasy to become in reality..I can’t wait ,I myself disrobed off my cloths,& came near to her
and hugged tightly her behind,my tools was rubbing her ass.She moaned lightly and looked my eyes
straightly to observe my feelings,,I was totally aroused after knowing she has shed all inhibitions and
shame.She urged to be sandwiched between two of us which we did it.The whole atmosphere was very skinny
and all the body smell were emanating. All three of us didn't sprayed any perfumes/deo ( we don't like
it and never use it,we like natural body odour).Afterward ,she positioned herself like doggy and he
came in front of him and I was pushing her behind her and his tool was inside her mouth.Like it wise
gone for few minutes .She stood up and embraced him tightly again she started kissing his lips ,and
he also reciprocated and started kissing her passionately with embracing her tightly.. Some time in in
middle,she sucked his nipples and chest etc. It was very sexy scene to watch her doing like this and he
was completely taken aback about her hot behavior but all of us were enjoying.He sucked her completely
and she began to moaning,I understood that she is going to climax,and we positioned again,this time he
pushed her inside cunts ,both of them clasped together tightly and I put my rods behind her ass,it was
unable to go inside the cunts as it was already had thick cock of Sanjay,but my cock was touching his
cock and making inside her much widened pussy. We all vigorously jerked and pushing each other and my
darling was trapped by both male and her pussy was filled with two massive cocks ; one from front and
mine's from behind..I felt her quivering and she was in fully arousal state and sounding hoarsely.So
all of us discharged simultaneously. Our jiffy juices were oozes out of her cunts !She had big orgasm
and silent prevailed there...all of us rested for some time ..After half an hour,we all freshen up
again and sat very closely to each other .we both again have another round of drinks and she had some
juices.While gossippings,he described my wife as sexiest woman in the world and praised her sexual
appetite. He never imagined that she will be such horny !! He also revealed that at first glimpse on
her , he assumed she might be normal Indian typical woman who surrender them self to man in sexual
intercourse.. ,.On contrary,his wife is least interest in sex,never do orals,he was lamenting about his
wife's casual approach in sex and always quarrel with petty issues...he was frustrated to have good sex
with woman.
My darling was satisfied and insisted again..and this time she said for two-some ! with him only !..I
agreed ..So again I stayed there but I was still able to watch them and they both aware of it.She
changed her dress with wearing another sexy pair of two peice. A cup bra and G string pantie.Though,she
is little bulgy,but in this outfit still looks appealing.He crawled to her and parted her thighs and
directly buried his face in her pussy and started rubbing,she was just started moaning,moaning,biting
her lips,I cant controlled started masturbating,then she came to 69 positions and sucked his cocks like
hungry women.He too had same and it goes like for 15-20 minutes.The room was full of ooh..aah.She began
to whispered some thing in his ear and he stood up and hugged her tightly with kissing all over
facial,necks she too licked his facial and shoving her tongue inside his mouth.I indicated them I am
going to ejaculate , he laid her and did like wife-hubby does in normal positions. Finally they both
started whispering cumming,cumming and busted. Me too sprayed my jets on her face .!!!

After,we try to sleep for while,but it couldn't be, and again in the midnight,we decide to masturbate
each other.She insisted for hot chocolate milk and ourselves had another round of drinks .We all had
it watching a CD of "screwing wife in presence of her hubby". Seeing this she got
aroused again and started fondling both tools .He said that he will make cums while I licks her pussy
!! I started eating her pussy which was again naturally lubricated and was very warm inside.,sanjay
shoved his massive cocks in her mouth and she was shameless gobbled it ..when we were about to cum she
said she want to have taste the jets of our cums simultenously. So,we stood up and adjusted ourselves
to so that she can have two cocks inside her mouth simulteneasouly ..her boobs were touching our
knees,and I was softly rubbing her face with my palms and we both pushing our rods slowly in her mouth
We did it for while and synchronized our timings of ejaculations and she sucked last drops of our
cums.Then he again licked her pussy to make her cums which after few minutes exploded.
All were breathing highly and were coming to our pose..We all came to our bed and slept together ,she
being middle of both male. I dont know when I slumbered...but in the morning ,I found Sanjay was
massaging her with oil and preparing her another bout ...
I kept silently and list fully watching them in distance...they again indulged in sexual normal
intercourse as if no tomorrow is there..I was watching them silently and recording in mind to replay
during our sessions in coming days..It was very erotic feeling and I could gauge them doing so normally
that as if both are lovers !!.But I was not jealouse ,instead,I was enjoying that my sweet heart is
enjoying too.Meanwhile,they were nearing to explode,my darling called me to join to give final touch in
threesome..I immediately rushed and joined them ...but main position was occupied by Sanjay..I just
rubbed my penis and behind her ass and ejaculated...meanwhile Sanjay movement was vigorous ,so was of
my darling,,she tightened her body with sanjay,,and pleaded for quick release of his jiffy as she is
about explode...
We remained mute for some time and,later on,Sanjay was told he has got train at after noon,so he has to
leave.We all exhausted after having 4 rounds of sex in span of just 12 hours..!!
He thanked me for such act and I also thanked him for giving pleasures to her and fulfilling our
sexual fantasy.
Now-a -days,my wife become more bold whenever a decent male of her type of any age,,but particularly
in middle aged,sighted she tries to seduce him and boldly requesting me to invite in our home.,but it
cannot be happened every time.
Now,she is zeroing with one of my friend's brother-in-law with whom I some time shares about some
erotic topics and wife sharing stories,he is interested in threesome and asking me how to find couple
etc.He is just married but lamenting about poor sexual apetite of his wife.I also decided to invite
him,but awaiting right time to reveal that my wife is interested with him.I don't know his feeling
towards my wife because he refer her as Didi,but my wife loves his body and closeness.
I will post about that meet-meet-up in next few day.
Meanwhile, I wish you comment about this in comment box

12:10 pm Thursday, 7th September, 2023

your story made me horny and erected 😰

6:25 pm Thursday, 7th September, 2023

I've read your both Blogs and they are very exciting. I love her arm pits and her tits in your profile picture. I am Hairy chest men and would love to meet you too for real. Kindly read my profile if you agree then please lets connect

1:04 am Saturday, 16th September, 2023

That was damn hot. Would like to meet you for your kind of fun. Thanks

3:59 am Friday, 6th October, 2023

Good blog loved it read n feel it. 

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