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first.. there is the scent of arousal 2

3:28 pm Thursday, 24th October, 2013

to continue before the details begin to fade....

the scent of her is very strong in the quiet room. as she has been instructed she has prostrate herself on the cold floor, her skirt raised high over the small of her back. as her knickers are still around her knees she unable to spread her leg and, therefore, as she always does now, she has spread her pale buttocks. there is a distinct spasm in the tiny knot of her anus and her wetted cunt is a little raised in the direction of the door - where she knows i will be standing. she makes small, almost animal, whimpers. a small pool of her cunt juices has begun to form on floor under her.

'lick that up,' i instruct. i try never to raise my voice but to make clear by tone alone that i will not tolerate disobedience.

promptly she complies. on her knees and elbows lapping at her own wetness even as it continues to flow down her thighs.

'you made my floor.. dirty,' i say.

she nods, lowers her head, raises her hips and presents herself to be punished for her transgression. there are, as always, almost infinite options - all mine to select. today i keep things simple.

barely brushing the swollen, dripping, lips of her, i collect some of her wetness onto my finger tips and paint her buttocks liberally. returning each time to collect more until her arse cheeks glisten... lastly i collect more, now very thick and creamy and i spread it between her cheeks. i feel the knot of her anus loosen as my fingers pass across it.... not firmly... not yet.

spanking can be so.. mundane, if not administered with some... imagination. an understanding of the variations of the weight of hand, where, and how frequently it should fall - and never the same twice - is essential. though robust the arse is incredibly sensitive, clustered with all sorts of nerves - each capable of sending very different messages to the aroused mind.

i have wetted her arse because this will make the blows sting. though i will barely pink the flesh the wetness will intensify the sensations considerably. i concentrate on two areas: the very top-most parts of her inner thighs. and down along the inner rims of her arse cheeks. that is my decision and she has no say in that.

i tear her knickers from where they are wrapped around her knees. they looked so expensive before i tore them... now they are worth nothing.

'spread,' i instruct.

now that she is free to spread she does, and willingly, almost too willing. her face is pressed against the floor, her hips press upwards to meet the weight of my hand. though it is not comfortable for her she reaches back and spreads her arse cheeks wider. i wet my hand with her cunt and spank - not delicately the knot of her anus.. directly now. as she is making so much noise i put the silk gag into her mouth. as she is so aroused i open her shirt and take her breast out over her expensive bra and fasten the clamps to her hard and budded nipples...

i believe she would have thanked me.. if she was able.

i resume her spanking.

the rest, of course, is... inevitable....! by the time we are done the floor is slippery with her wetness. it takes her some considerable time to lick it clean.

but, even then, for a long time after, the scent of her arousal lingers. as it always should...

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