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first... there is the scent of arousal...

12:11 pm Thursday, 24th October, 2013

first there is the scent of arousal. not unsubtle, to begin, but already heavy and distinct. it is a scent that anticipates the flavours and the... sensations that are to follow... eventually.

my pupil reeks of it today. as always we share a cup of coffee in the kitchen. there is little chat as i find this to be a distraction, and, being a good pupil, sips her coffee in near silence. as is also normal practice i have laid out a few items on the kitchen table: a length of silk cord, adjustable nipple clamps and a simple plain silk gag. (there is much too much emphasis on complex equipment these days - and so unnecessary.)

my pupil understands the significance of the objects in front of her. images already form inside her head and a slight shiver of anticipation has begun to pass visibly down her body.

'take your time,' i tell her. 'sip slowly, we are in no hurry.'

these are the moments. the anticipation is very important. the placing, inside the pupils head, of all the possibilities must never be neglected. and it is the scent of arousal that dictates progress from the kitchen to the quiet room at the rear of the cottage.

when she has drunk her coffee she looks to me for approval. I wait for a moment before allowing her to get down on to all fours, to pull her skirt up over her buttocks, to draw her knickers down her thighs, and display what i have already scented so strongly. in this condition she slowly makes her way back through the cottage. I watch her go.

in many ways she is an awkward little creature. she dresses well - tailored suits, tapered shirts and elegant shoes - but she does always wear her clothes with quite the confidence of their tailoring. it is as though the authority that such clothing lends is somehow unwelcome - certainly at times like these. even as she craws along the pale polished floorboards she is more confident of her nakedness and her wetness than she even is while fully dressed... the juices of her cunt already glisten down the length of her inner thighs.

I gather up the few simple objects from the kitchen table and slowly... very deliberately (i want her to hear my footsteps) follow.

i will continue this tale a little later.

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