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sex and the city-scape... cont....

2:14 pm Wednesday, 23rd October, 2013

thinking back it strikes me that the banal and the extraordinary are often inextricably entwined.

there was G - a god fearing widow - on her knees and supping on a relative strangers cunt. still in her 'sensible shoes' and the modest hem of her skirt barely permitting a glimpse even of her calves. she might be at prayer i thought, and perhaps she was. M, meanwhile, remains reasonably impassive, almost as though she is tolerating the attentions of G's mouth, rather than reveling.

i reason - and i am a reasonable man after all - that G is rather inexpert at cunnilingus and not at all up to the standards that M has grown to demand. however M knows enough to understand that this exercise has little to do with her pleasures.

I tell G to stop and look at me. she is almost grateful to comply. her mouth and chin almost drip with wetness, her eyes almost empty now. there is often some element of shock in first moments of a pupils training - though i am not yet decided if i would be prepared to teach G on a regular basis. i am a busy man and must ration my services.

'tell me about your husband,' i instruct G.

'he was.. he's dead.. but he was a... civil servant....'

i direct her to be silent. a gesture of the hand, a sternness of the eye.

'no,' i tell her. 'tell me how he fucked you. how? where? how often? i am only interested in that... all the rest is just.. stuff... not relevant in this room....'

promisingly G does not ask even one question, but, on her knees, and with the taste of another woman's arousal in her mouth she answers each of my questions in turn. her husband had fucked her every saturday night for as long as they were married.

'like a dog,' she said quietly. 'not always from behind.. but always like a dog i thought. humping, hot breathed, tongue lolling in his mouth. sometimes he would fuck me in the mouth, and still like a dog... somehow. and always in the bedroom, lights out and just with his.... penis...'

she pauses, her eyes signal that she is seeking out some past memory - a specific moment in time.

'he was weak man,' she says... at last.

'and it was very fast, and done with often before i was even remotely... aroused...'

'a weak man?'

she nods.

'he did it that way because he like sex very much i think... to get it out of the way...'

another pause, another glance into the past.

'i hate weak men,' she says.

'get onto the bed,' i tell her. 'remove your panties, leave on your shoes. we're going to show you what it is to cum...'

banal tales... extraordinary events.... such is life...

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2:36 pm Wednesday, 23rd October, 2013

well i hope this continues to to completion lol

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