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the age of the cybersexual

3:28 pm Tuesday, 1st October, 2013

two nights ago, just past midnight, i get an email from a woman i barely know, form a part of the world i know very little about. she writes that she is lonely and and knows no-one where she is and finds herself overcome with sudden and, she worries, dangerous, urges.
'it could be the heat,' she says. 'or that it has been so long since i tasted cock. so long since i've had one thrust into my mouth and even down my throat, that i've almost forgotten the sensation.
and i'm here, now. I am nowhere and it is hot and i can hardly breathe and i have such urges....'
this was a woman i had met once or twice, and only ever in a business setting. while i was immediately aware of her 'appetites' i received no signal from her that she wished to pursue what was an obvious, though mild, attraction any further than a shared glance or two. previous emails between us had always been polite and on a very business like. this message was, therefore, something of a departure.
'i need to tell this to someone,' she continued. 'if i don't then i'll end up picking up some bus-boy and sucking his cock down some alley.. and i can't afford that. i'm here on business and i can't afford to let my urges get the better of me that way. and if i don't talk about the taste of cock and all the flavours of cum i'm going to do something.. stupid.. i know it.'
it was a cry for help.. in a way.
'and there are other things in my head too,' she wrote. 'and in this heat they crowd me out. such dark things. beautiful and terrible. and i thought of you. i don't know you, but i've looked into your eyes, and i know you understand me.. that part of me. you do understand don't you?'
she described many dark and exquisite things. her love of humiliation - of being used, as a whore and a cum rag. of forceful men with no boundaries who would (she wished.. just one) take her as they pleased and force her to lick up after them. and all the little hurts that added up to so much pleasure.......
as her mail drew to a close she explained, in no little detail, how she had been fucking herself as she had been writing - with piece of exotic fruit (a local delicacy) - and how she felt much calmer: 'now that i have cum.. and cum.... and cum'
she then thanked me for taking the time to read her message, said that she hoped we would meet again very soon, and that she had to attend a conference 'later' and 'really must have a shower now'.
and so a woman i hardly knew, in a place i had barely heard of, said her polite goodbyes and went.
this, i thought to myself, is, indeed the age of the cybersexual.

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