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Looking forward to a bit of literal swinging

11:30 am Thursday, 25th July, 2013

I've always wanted a sex swing ever since I met up with a couple that had one set up in their home. That was many years ago when I was with my ex and we were active on the scene but we never got one at the time, although I did get to try theirs.

I saw a good one that had a spring as well for even more fun possibilities and decided to get one. Rather than use the screw-in eye hook that came with it I decided to get an eye nut from an online seller. I figured it would be easier to drill a hole accurately through a ceiling joist from going up in the loft and put a bolt through than mess about trying to make sure I hit the middle of the joist 'blind' from the bedroom ceiling with the screw-in one.

Unfortunately they sent the wrong size eye nut so I'm now waiting for the right one so I can finish getting it set up.

I'm really looking forward to all the erotic possibilities it can offer and hope the relationship that is growing with someone I've met (not on here, from another website I'm no longer on) gets to a point where we can enjoy it together. It's early days yet, which is why I'm still trying to hook up on here, but I know she's a playful type and hopefully will be up for it.

Only thing is that I'm now on the look out for a smoke detector like the type you see in commercial premises - probably a non-working one as they are quite expensive to buy new. I want to use the casing without the works inside to hide the hook on the ceiling when the swing isn't in use. I could say the hook was for hanging a very heavy house plant but I doubt if I'd be believed!

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4:14 pm Wednesday, 31st July, 2013

Well, wouldn't you know it! Life's wonderful sense of irony strikes again.

Today the eyenut arrived in the post and I could set up the sex swing for a future bit of fun with the lady I'd been seeing. Yes, it was getting very intimate and she was up for it.

It was a long distance relationship and I knew there were some practical issues around finances and housing she had to sort out, as did I, but everything in the garden was rosy.

Then I got the email that it was going to be a long time before she was free from all her troubles and didn't think it was fair to keep me hanging on. She was worried that she might never be able to commit to a relationship on equal terms and we best end it now.

Swears blind there was nothing wrong with the intimacy we'd shared or that she didn't have strong emotional feelings towards me. Don't know whether to believe that or not.

So one sex swing gets packed away, possibly never to see the light of day or any use. As well as the other little treats I'd been hoping to share.

Sorry to post a blog that's a real downer, but that's the way I feel right now and what is a blog for but to get things said and out of your system?

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9:13 pm Wednesday, 31st July, 2013

Chin up buttercup x

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9:57 pm Saturday, 3rd August, 2013

Well, despite being dumped by the very girl I'd hoped to try my new purchase with, I did put up the anchor point in the ceiling for the sex swing.

It looks great. I wonder how long it will be before I get to try it out with someone?

I know. I used a smiley! But the swing does have a spring action so it did seem appropriate.

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5:37 pm Wednesday, 7th August, 2013

Apologies to anyone visiting from Site Admin Lydia's plug on the Site News wall postings. You had to wade through postings that were more to do with my relationship issue than a sex swing but that's behind me now and hopefully you'll read the original post then scroll down here for the real discussion to start.

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6:44 pm Wednesday, 7th August, 2013

Think I need to google this one (I've led such a sheltered existence).

Don't think my landlord would be overly impressed if I installed one whilst he was out! Lol

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8:58 pm Wednesday, 7th August, 2013

betelgeuse, so sorry that happened...it's the sort of thing that only seems to happen to the good guys!:/

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8:59 pm Wednesday, 7th August, 2013

PS, Can you ebay a second-hand sex swing?

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10:27 pm Wednesday, 7th August, 2013

@ caroliner - well, as of tonight's phone call that relationship might not be quite as dead as I thought just over a week ago. Time will tell.

As to eBay - There's loads of them on there but I wasn't planning to get rid of mine anyway as I felt sue it would see some use one day.

There's quite a choice as to styles with sex swings. Most are two padded straps - one to support underneath bum or things and one for the back. Then foot stirrup straps. At least that's when you are using it in a conventional seated position - "other positions are available".

They vary in having four, two or one anchor point. The one with a single anchor point is obviously the one that can spin 360 degrees. Mine also has a spring to add a little up and down bounce.

Then there are the type which are like a sling or hammock. A lot easier to get into of course and more comfortable for long sessions I'd imagine, but surely less flexible in the positions you can use them in.

I didn't buy mine on eBay or from one of the well known general sex store websites. And the one I got was a very good deal compared to others of similar quality. But site rules of course prevent me from posting a link.

I don't think it's against site rules to pass the link via email to anyone who is seriously thinking of getting one like mine though.

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11:34 pm Wednesday, 7th August, 2013

Hope you've got solid roof joists,do you still need a smoke detector case B?

12:19 am Thursday, 8th August, 2013

Joist looked very solid and drilling in from the top of it in the roof space meant I could be sure of getting it right in the middle, as I explained in the first blog posting. I felt a lot more comfortable with that, even though it did mean getting an eye nut. But easily available online and once threaded onto a bolt put through the hole I'd drilled I was good to go!

I tested the strength of it - very cautiously I have to say - first by tugging on the bar of the swing, then by hanging on it for a brief moment. When there was no creaking or movement of the eye nut or cracking of ceiling plaster I threw caution to the wind and got in it. No problems!

And the answer to the smoke detector is still a 'yes'. The one I cannibalised by removing the innards wasn't quite deep enough for the 8mm eye nut I'd originally planned to use anyway and in going over-spec with the 10mm one you'd definitely need the deeper sort of detectors you'd see in commercial premises. The domestic ones are designed to be slim and more unobtrusive but like a G-string or T-thong they don't cover much. LOL

I'll remind my old work colleague he was supposed to be sorting it out, but if you are offering one frisky?

That's another advantage of the eye nut solution btw compared to the eye screw that comes with these swings. Once in you aren't supposed to remove the eye screw because it won't have the same strength when put back in again (no ribald comments please about that being just like a dick).

But you can undo an eye nut and the domestic shallow smoke detector I still have would asily cover the bolt thread that would be on show. And I may have to do that as family are coming to visit soon and I don't want to have to explain why there's a ruddy great anchor point in the ceiling.

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12:43 am Thursday, 8th August, 2013

If I can find an unused one in work i'll let you know B :-)

8:56 am Thursday, 8th August, 2013

ty frisky. I'll let you know if I get one from elsewhere in the meantime to save you hunting unnecessarily.

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1:25 pm Thursday, 8th August, 2013


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