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Looking forward to a bit of literal swinging

11:30 am Thursday, 25th July, 2013

I've always wanted a sex swing ever since I met up with a couple that had one set up in their home. That was many years ago when I was with my ex and we were active on the scene but we never got one at the time, although I did get to try theirs.

I saw a good one that had a spring as well for even more fun possibilities and decided to get one. Rather than use the screw-in eye hook that came with it I decided to get an eye nut from an online seller. I figured it would be easier to drill a hole accurately through a ceiling joist from going up in the loft and put a bolt through than mess about trying to make sure I hit the middle of the joist 'blind' from the bedroom ceiling with the screw-in one.

Unfortunately they sent the wrong size eye nut so I'm now waiting for the right one so I can finish getting it set up.

I'm really looking forward to all the erotic possibilities it can offer and hope the relationship that is growing with someone I've met (not on here, from another website I'm no longer on) gets to a point where we can enjoy it together. It's early days yet, which is why I'm still trying to hook up on here, but I know she's a playful type and hopefully will be up for it.

Only thing is that I'm now on the look out for a smoke detector like the type you see in commercial premises - probably a non-working one as they are quite expensive to buy new. I want to use the casing without the works inside to hide the hook on the ceiling when the swing isn't in use. I could say the hook was for hanging a very heavy house plant but I doubt if I'd be believed!

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