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st trinians themed gang bang and sex party

5:37 pm Wednesday, 9th May, 2012

sat 26th is going to get mad with lots of horny sexy people running about getting up to lots of st. trinians sex play. not one for the fainthearted!

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as he entered the room he saw her, slowly her head turning towards him.
knelt on the bed she was lost in the music, the sounds dancing round her like sister sirens.
he found himself looking into her eyes as they began to beckon him over and she smiled that naughty smile that told him that he was about to take a journey into Tink's world.

soon the music in his ears was the song of the siren and he willingly approached  the bed to join her in her dance; together they were about to take a beautiful journey under her spell.
they knelt together on the bed locked in each others eyes, their bodies swaying together in poetic motion.

the sirens song was the only sound as the invisible magnet pulled them closer, their lips dancing teasingly against one another.
his hands became not his own as without conscious thought they meandered up and down, feeling the softness of her skin as he breathed in the warmth of her breath.

like electric prongs her fingers teased his skin,

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