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Couple looking for fun friends!

Swinger islandhaoleguam (Couple) from Guam, Tamuning

Please be real, we are so tired of fakers and losers. If you send us the fake site generated message, we will respond once, after that, you are put in the trash bin. We are REAL and are only interested in meeting REAL Couples for REAL LIFE play scenarios. We are great at spotting trash couples and will continue to 'burn the trash' (so to speak).
For real couples, we host meet/greets at local bars. This is a great way to meet other like minded couples in a neutral setting.
We have social events for group members several times a week like: Trivia at local bars, Karaoke nights at local bars, dance nights at local bars. We are a social bunch and like to have fun!!
Once we have met you we will add you to our GuamCouples group, where you can arrange other meet and greets with group members.

Guam Couples
Elevating the lifestyle here on Guam! !

I am looking to hear from Female, Couple members

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islandhaoleguam Personal Details
Gender Male Female
Age 47 46
Sexuality Straight Bi
Ethnicity Caucasian Caucasian
Height 6ft (183 cm) 5ft 2in (157 cm)
Build Average Average
Hair Light brown Blonde
Body Hair Trimmed Smooth
Body Decoration Tattoos Earrings, Tattoos
Drink Socially Socially
Smoke No No
Location Guam, Guam, Tamuning
Interest I will tell you later
Drugs None None
Cock/Breast size Medium Medium
Travel Can accommodate, Will travel
Safe Sex Always
Paid Services No
Friends Markind1970, jermaine7699, Stomping18, Islandchocolate1979, just4funManila, cyrus671, hornyduo2469, josephpangelinan, sonnylanister, jvdc1000, madukrishan, Trucker671, mabuscant2017, islandcouple235, Kayleighbean, couplejandv, subs357, Camelsilvers, rowanshay1, miquee, sherwinblue40 

Profile Reviews
12:58 am Tuesday, 12th June, 2018

Great couple especially for first timers, they went out of their way to help to ensure our comfort. Really down to earth and just an overall great couple to be around.

1:18 pm Sunday, 3rd June, 2018

Great people, very understanding and insightful.. look forward to meeting again.

10:09 am Thursday, 31st May, 2018

Met this couple on several occasions. They are real and we Enjoy their meets. Look forward to many more in the future.

9:30 pm Monday, 28th May, 2018

Great couple. Fun an understanding meet with them a few times down to earth couple. The best coulpe we meet so far love to hang out with them again

Recent status updates
  6:16 am Saturday, 21st July, 2018

party tonight in Yigo!!  Cant wait!! 

  9:55 am Friday, 13th July, 2018

Dance Party tonight!! Message us here for details.  🍻🍸🍷

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  2:23 am Wednesday, 11th July, 2018

Excited about meet & greet this Saturday.  Message us here for details.

  2:53 am Sunday, 8th July, 2018

Thanks to everyone that came out to block party!!  That was fun!!  It rained once early on and then NONE for the rest of the day!!  Woot-woot!!  It was so nice getting out after being cooped up because of the storm.  Guam Couples had a good crowd!!  We even got pictures with Hodor, lol. Next meet/greet is Tuesday Night Trivia!!  Contact us here for details :0)

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  4:06 am Saturday, 7th July, 2018

Going to BBQ block party!!  Who is all going?  Direct message us here and we will hook up at block party for drinks!  Might rain-bring umbrella!! 

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  3:13 am Monday, 18th June, 2018

Party was fun!!  I have not laughed that hard in ages.  omg- think I might have strained myself. 

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  6:05 am Saturday, 16th June, 2018

Getting ready to party!!

  2:14 am Saturday, 16th June, 2018

Excited about party!!

  3:01 am Friday, 15th June, 2018

Very excited for Party on Saturday!!  Woot-woot, last meet and greet on the 9th in Yigo was the BOMB!!  Loved the new couple ;0) You know who you are!!  Love meeting all the new members recently!!  It has been so much fun!!  Contact us here for details!! Guam Couples Elevating the lifestyle on Guam

  6:36 am Saturday, 9th June, 2018

Excited for tonight's meet & greet!!  You going to be there?  Or miss out on all the naughty fun?

  1:04 am Thursday, 31st May, 2018

Can't wait for meet/greet on the 9th!!  Excited!!

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same here lol

by jermaine7699

  4:43 am Sunday, 27th May, 2018

Meet/greet changed to Saturday June 9th due to scheduling conflicts.  Message us here for details!! Hope to see you there! Guam Couples

  1:22 am Saturday, 26th May, 2018

We had a themed costume party and everyone participated!!  Participation in the theme just makes everything a little more fun!  We gave out prizes to 2 couples for most original costume and best couple theme! Gifts were alcohol (bottle) and gift certificate to local adult store  :0) We also collected $50.00 towards the hot tub goal!!  Yeah!!  Hot tub is going to be a ton of fun come the fall months!!  Thanks to all those that came out and shared the evening with us!  Next even will be meet/greet on June 7th at local bar in Tamuning!!!  Hope to see you there. Guam Couples Elevating the lifestyle here on Guam

  4:08 am Thursday, 24th May, 2018

Next meet/greet will by June 7th!  Come out and meet us and our friends at a local bar in Tamuning!!  No pressure environment!!  Message us here for details!!  :0)

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  3:05 am Sunday, 20th May, 2018

Wow!  Had a great party last night!! Thanks to everyone that came out! We had prizes for best couple theme costume & most original! Prizes were: Bottle of top shelf liquor and Gift certificate to adult store!!  Thanks again!!

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I would love to attend a meet and greet with you guys to see if you would like me to attend the next party

by matteod1

  2:26 am Monday, 14th May, 2018

Excited!!  Party this Saturday in Yigo!!  Woot-woot!!  Want to attend?  Message us here for details!! :0)

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  6:24 am Monday, 30th April, 2018

Meet/greet this Wednesday! Come on out! Meet us and our Friends! DM is here for details 😁

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  12:27 am Saturday, 28th April, 2018

Okay Guam.  Aprils meet/greet was a great turn out.  We will be holding 1 more before Mays party in Yigo.  Yigo is a larger location and can accommodate more guests!!  Based on that we will be holding 1 more meet/greet in Tamuning.  Message us here for more information :0)

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  1:45 am Thursday, 19th April, 2018

Next week is meet/greet!!  You going to come?  Hope so!!  Come on out!  Meet us and our friends.

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  2:50 am Sunday, 15th April, 2018

omg-party was crazy.  wtf?  Now, how to put that experience into words for our blog!?!? 😱

  2:30 am Saturday, 14th April, 2018

Tonight is THE April Party!!  Guam Couples is hosting!!  We have 8 couples and a few singles confirmed (M&F).  Also 3 newbie couples!!  They have either NOT ever done this or had attempted in an environment they were not comfortable in.  So if you are wondering about this event and wanting to just watch/explore, you are not alone!  Contact us here (COUPLES only at this point) for information!!  Going to be a blast.  So excieted :0)

  5:24 am Thursday, 12th April, 2018

Whoohoo only 2 days till party 😁. Can’t wait 😈

  3:45 am Tuesday, 10th April, 2018

Come over and play on our swing set!!  😘😈

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  2:31 am Monday, 9th April, 2018

Again, editing is a challenge sometimes.  We have moved our party from April Friday the thirteenth to Saturday the fourteenth.  I have tried updating blog and party posting. Please note the change in date.  Contact us here via DM for questions.  Can't wait going to be a blast.

We currently have 7 confirmed couples and various single males and females.  Come on over!!  Would love to have you over :0)

by islandhaoleguam

  8:05 am Friday, 6th April, 2018

Contact us here via DM for information on attending Guam Couples April party.  We will be hosting on Saturday April the fourteenth! Date change due to demand  :0)

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  1:37 am Thursday, 5th April, 2018

Tip of the day for single males: At parties you MUST be on your best behavior!!  You are a guest!!   If attending a party and there is ONE room, do NOT assume its okay for you to just engage in penetration etc.   You MUST ask!  People participate one room activities sometimes JUST to watch!  Do not assume they want your dick in them! Ask first if its okay to touch/join in. Ask first before penetration. Ask about safe sex. Tip of the day for females:  If this is not happening, you are not being treated properly.  Swinging etiquette demands this.  Do not participate unless comfortable,  otherwise what is the point? Mike and Tea always adhere to these rules of engagement or ROE as we call them.

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  3:05 am Wednesday, 4th April, 2018

Tip of the day:  Be smart!!  Be safe!!  Always practice safe sex here on Guam!!  Keep DDfree!! 👌

  11:00 am Friday, 30th March, 2018

Meet and greet was a lot of fun!!!  Check out our blog for all the naughty details ;0)

  9:09 am Thursday, 29th March, 2018

Getting ready to go to meet & greet!!  Ready to have some fun!  Hopefully pics to follow :0)

  1:28 am Wednesday, 14th March, 2018


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