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SiteAdminChaz's Last Day

Hi everyone, SiteAdminChaz here! Just to let you know that today is my last day putting out the content like site news and articles. In my place will be the lovely SiteAdminMaria, you may have already spotted her around the site as she has been here a little while now but has been working on moderation up until this point.

I’ll still be around the site but will be more behind the scenes with my new role. If you already have me as a friend you will automatically become friends with SiteAdminMaria once she takes over. As of next week this profile will become hers so that she can keep you up to date with all the site news, goings on around the site and giving out profile advice! Give her a nice big welcome when she starts on Monday if you’re logged on :)

It’s been nice speaking to everyone through the last year or so, my new job will mean that I wont have much time to respond to messages so if I’m sorry if I don’t get back to you.

All the best, Chaz x