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Even More Peculiar Perversions - Part 3

The Internet has been a miracle for sex fetishists, not just because of the availability of porn in their specific category, but because of how it has broadened everybody's horizons. No matter how weird your turn-ons are, there is always somebody out there into far weirder stuff. And as we've pointed out before, there are some people who enjoy fetishes so far removed from the concept of sex that they don't bear to be mentioned together in the same sentence. These are fully clothed, non-sexual images and videos that still serve as wank material for vast audiences of otherwise normal people.

In our last instalment we featured creepy crawlies, statues and a furry fetish involving teddy bears. Before that, we talked about human furniture, quicksand, and..erm…licking doorknobs! Here are some more crazy and bizarre fetishes that you may not have heard of. Click here to read the article