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Dressing Sexy

So, by now probably most of you have found a great style that suits you and have learned to edit the trends according to what you like and what fits your body shape.

You most likely think that what you wear really enhances your assets and makes you look sexy, but what you might see as sexy might not be the same thing that appeals to everyone.

It should come as no surprise to discover that our potential partners don’t like some of our favourite clothes whereas they may literally go crazy for something we have never even thought about. Of course everyone is different and has different tastes.

So today we are talking about the clothes that send your senses into a spin. Do you have a fetish for a certain garment or material? When you imagine your ideal man/woman walking up to you with that sexy smile in your fantasies, what have they got on?

Click here to join in and tell us all about the styles you find most seductive.