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A Quick Reminder About Site Safety

Recently there have been enquiries regarding Security Dating ID Cards after some of our community have received an email about them.

You DO NOT need an ID card to join or use the site and this email is not associated with us in any way whatsoever.

Please be aware that our admin team will NEVER ask you to reveal your password. If you are asked for this by anyone, please report them to us as soon as possible.

There are ways that you can help protect yourself against any potentially illicit activity. Please remain vigilant and avoid doing any of the following:

1) Verify yourself on another site - anyone wanting admin validation can contact a member of our admin team and they will help you.

2) Give out personal contact details - make sure you are confident that you are sending to somebody genuine.

3) Follow any links to other websites as these may be insecure.

We do check all profiles by hand but unfortunately, as with all sites of this nature, some will inevitably slip through the net.

If you spot any profiles, members eager to share their contact details anywhere on the site, or anything else that you feel is suspicious, please contact the Support Helpdesk. You can also click on the 'report' button on a members profile and/or the message they sent you to report activity to the staff.

We take pride in the fact that we provide a safe and secure environment where your identity is protected and we want to keep it that way.

With your help, we can keep this a fantastic place to meet genuine, like-minded people. Stay safe and have fun.