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Meet and Greet 2

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Date start: 09.12.2017 Date END: 09.12.2017 For those who came the first time.....We know you enjoyed yourself so feel free to come again. For those who missed the first, the second will be even better. As we would say twice as nice ;) Come and meet couples and singles who are into the lifestyle in a safe, private and intimate setting. We hope to meet and greet you there. Send us a message for details.

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woo hoo... now u have us anxious ..we'll be there with bells on ????... n a plastic sheet lol

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Hi iam coming 

Hi iam coming 


I'm single

May I attend

Info on how to attend please

I missed the 1st time...not gonna miss the second...lol

Hi could u send me details I would like to attend

Hi could u send me details I would like to attend

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info please

please send details i would like to attend

Missed the first one would like to be there for the second one

how to attend this party and which parts of Trinidad? 

Watts app me thks