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London Hyde Park hotel - bi encounter for MILF & hotwife

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Date start: 16.11.2017 Date END: 18.11.2017 We will be staying in a lovely hotel near Hyde Park and we're looking for an attractive couple with a bi lady to seduce, pamper and enjoy some FFM fun with Gigi. Hubby would like to take some pics and video clips... and perhaps join in the fun at some point. We have some experience of all this sexy stuff but usually within a MMF... or MMMF situation so while we're not total newbies this will be Gigi's first bi encounter. We're sure she'll be a little nervous but she's already really excited about trying something new.

Not just seeking a sexual encounter but more of an evening out with lots of flirting and touching before heading back for some naughtiness!

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would be happy to attend. thanks

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I'd love to attend! Let me know the details if you're interested?

Would love to join this eventĀ 

Hi have bi curious gf live to attend would be Thursday evening though please get in tou

I' interesting would be happy to attend