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The queens luxury, Relaxing, Retreat and Massage Lounge Club Info and Reviews

The Queens Luxury Relaxing & Massage Lounge For ladies Only consists of a team of competent, committed, clinically healthy and experienced well brought up mature men.
The Queens audience is ladies only.
“The Queens "for ladies only" is based on the following concept:
1. Building self Confidence, Energy/Strength, Sexual emotional satisfaction and pleasure through a male to female sensational and romantic massage without any actual sexual penetration, or cheating on your partner (if any).
2. Keeping the female body active and fit for its purpose.
3. Controlling and managing its shape, figure and look through massage and physical fitness treatments
4. Building and maintaining female body firmness to be able to deliver its purpose of the female gender.
5. Releasing the pressure, sexual anxiety and tension including stress and body fatigue.
6. Help singles females, and pregnant woman with the Sysco-emotional sexual pleasure which provides them happiness and relaxation both at work and at home.
7. Provide single pregnant women the opportunity and  privilege to be sexually active and their right to pleasure during their entire pregnancy until birth. Therefore building a platform for their body to relax and give them a high chance of having a normal delivery.

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Club Information
E-mail info@the-queens-massage.co.uk
Phone 07471971894
Zip SM1 4aa

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