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The club offers a risqué atmosphere where guests can meet, mingle and party the night away. You will share the uninitiated enjoyment associated with those who have discovered a new dimension to their lifestyle. The club is a safe, no-pressure environment where you can feel free to express yourself or just sit back and take it all in. the club hosts will make every effort to ensure your comfort, to address all your questions and concerns.
The club is located between St Neots and Bedford, the address will begiven once you have call to confirm your attendance.
The club has 7 different playrooms, Disco, Jacuzzi.
You will need to takeyour own soft or alcholic drinks as the club does not have a drinks licence.

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Club Information
E-mail jay.dee@hotmail.co.uk

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Reviews and Comments

We go to the club a couple of times a month. The social atmosphere is good. Clean and lit where needed. Plenty of open space and private rooms to do your thing. Staff are friendly and helpful. Definitely a no pressure club. Buffet good. It has a no phones policy and when we did see a fella with a phone or wad dealt with immediately and discreetly by a staff member. Not seen or smelt any drug use. The only high is from endorphins. Great place. Linda and John x

Having been to this club several times including a few New Years eve parties we can say that it has great atmosphere, friendly people, and great music to dance to. Playrooms and open areas for playing are good, but can get busy the later in the night you leave it to have some fun. hosts are brilliant and place is kept clean. would go again when back in the UK

We liked the club although it was a little quiet on the Tuesday night we were there. Everyone was very friendly and no one was pushy at all. We found nothing wrong with JD's at all. We will go again but on a Saturday when it is busier.

Great club, could do with being busier sometimes but they have a lot of competition in the area. Nice atmosphere, lovely staff/management and easy going

does this club encourage older couples to attend ??? we are both over 60 !!!

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We have been twice in the last few weeks NO drugs NO trouble we would recommend this club to anyone, very friendly good company clean and tidy. Save and secure

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Sorry but we have to agree with Pete, we saw loads of drug use and to many pushy guys. Music was good but was spoilt by some old grey haired guy trying to sing on the karaoke machine. Due to the drug use and pushy guys we won’t be going back.

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Always have a good time Enjoy the club whenever we go, it is well laid out and quite safe if you are a new couple.

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not a nice place would have to back up what Pete said, we did see some drug use, not a lot but enough and when we turned down the advances of one of the staff (single guy) and some of the less attractive couples we was asked not to come back. Nice club on the surface of it but not once you look too deep

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Drug den Too much drug use

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At last, a proper club! Hi guys... Our first visit to JayDees Saturday night and it exceeded all our expectations. We were introduced by friends of ours. The club is very clean, well laid out and friendly. For the first time, here is a club with enough playrooms to satisfy everyone who attends, whether they want closed or open play areas. All were warm and clean and of a good size. The upstairs is a very classy open plan play and social area that is well decorated and furnished. Also a first for any club we have been to, the place is lit very well, soft where needed and well lit in the social areas.The music in the dance area is about right and not intrusive when talking, another problem with most other clubs.

The food laid on in the form of a buffet was first class and well laid out. All the people we met were friendly and although they all seemed to know each other, we were included wherever we introduced ourselves. They also allow stayovers and only charge £15 per night per bed. They have private and open rooms on a first cum first served basis.

We are only about 20 minutes from JayDees and we didn't know it was there, so we will be taking some friends with us in the near future and will be spreading the word... Well done guys and thanks for a great evening at a great venue...

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great club have been several times and its a great club for couples, i enjoyed it when i went with a partner, but i have to say i would not go as a single female again as i felt lost. it a big place very clean and a good atmosphere, i would return but with a partner only

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