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Partners is built on two floors, the ground floor accomodates the Entrance, office/reception, changing and toilet areas and last but not least probably the largest Spa/Wet area in the U.K. the club has so many rooms and features it would be impossible to list them all here but just to give you a taste it has a mirror room, glass floor room, bar and lounge areas for relaxing and getting to know others. Address: Whitelegge Street, Bury, Manchester

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Club Information
Phone 0161 763 7440
Zip BL8 1SW

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Reviews and Comments

Great club been there loads of time staff excellent and professional cloud is clean and wet room best . Highly recommended visiting again

Visited this club on a bi night. Not many in as it's only January. Great club clean an the few who were in were very friendly. All in all I had a great night

I'm a guy who would like to get a girl to go out with.

I've been to Partners twice with my friend on couples night. Staff were very friendly and we felt relaxed and were shown around. Had a couple of really nice experiences whilst we were there and loved watching and being watched.

Been to partners on numerous occasions great wet area and always a top night

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Made our second visit to the club on thursday 5-4-12 and had another great time. Lots of couples there this time but not to many that it was overcrowded. We got chatting to a local couple and were very tempted to play but were a little shy to ask if they were interested. If your that couple reading this we are the couple you were chatting to in the way mirror room...the lady in the van outside and who pole danced and tony or terry as you called him. Anyway we will be going back at the end of may. Great club.

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Made my first visit on Tuesday night 27.11.11 and had a good time. I went into the pool naked & the jacuzzi.` Being a transsexual woman having Just had my op in June this year and it was the first time I had ever been naked in front of any man.
I was relieved no males came on to me as I am not attracted to men. I did managed to make a few friends and got on well with people. I'm quite shy really so being naked was very scary for me with no pressure to get involved with other people.

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Made our first visit on couples night sunday 23-10-11 and had a great time. Staff are very friendly and helpfull. I was very nervous but managed to relax after a couple of glasses of red,however I didn't need to be so nervous as the atmosphere was friendly,relaxed with no pressure to get involved with other couples although we did enjoy watching and being watched. Great variety of rooms to choose from, either private or open to all, particularly liked the dungeon (and so did my partner!!)swingseat especially ;0p Wanted the night to go on a bit longer, closed at 1am and we were the last to leave lol. Great place for first timers like us, definitely go back again and who knows what we'll get up to next time now that the nerves have worn off.

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Another excellent club. We tend to go on Thursday evenings which is couples only night and an excellent time is usually had by all.

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Great club and 1 of the few we go to now we live in Barrow lol

just joking its in bury as people have already pointed out.

Roses xx

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The address is wrong on this ad Partners is in Bury Greater Manchester Lancashire area !not Cheshire !

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Good Club Bury is NOT in Cheshire - it is in Greater Manchester or Lancashire. Please correct this somebody

It is a good club and we have had fun there

As always, if you go on a night when they allow single males you are going to get creepy guys following you round and groping you in the dark

So, next time we will go on couple night only

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Been to Partners a few times..very good wet area as advertised..nice bar and seating ...but found the play rooms get too hot..could do with fans in there...was'nt too keen to play in them...too poky..

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very good we go to this club as often as we can
very clean and no hassel from single males staff dont allow loads off males in this club no means no unlike others we have been to

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