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At La Chambre you will have instant access to many like minded couples and singles. You will need to become a member, but this can be done on your first visit to the club. La Chmbre has a licensed bar and lounge/sitting area to chill out and chat. There is a dance area along with a stage and pole for those wishing to show off their dancing skills. There are lockers for storing your things whilst visiting the club. La Chambre has a Sauna, stream room and pool as well as a large shower room for members to cool off after. The club boasts a fully equipped dungeon for those wishing to explore. There is alos 5 differently themed play rooms. Address: 548 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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Club Information
Phone 0114 2611234
Zip S93 QP

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Reviews and Comments

Would love to go here but nervous about going alone

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It's been quite a few years ago now, but I absolutely loved going on a Friday, the rooms were always buzzing, I would get naked and just go in a room. In no time at all there would be a mass of bodies. Or take a turn in the dungeon....?? A splash in the pool ???? a massage with extra everything. Ok you get the picture, I had alot of fun. With great staff and a friendly atmosphere. How will you know till you give it a go!

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i love la chambre everytime i go i have sex with males bi night or females on other nights, it can be a bit quiet on bi nights but if "ys dont ask ya wont get" simple.

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Been going for years but only on the Monday and the last Sunday of the month ( see our profile )
What it is is what it is -plus safe as house's & friendly staff
Complaining about other people not doing ''anything'' is not really a issue at a adult club one would think .
Anyway feel free to cum over and say ''Hello'' on a Monday or Sunday if we are in the house ! ....(see profile!)

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good but cleaners need replacing

Myself and partner, took the plunge, and visited this club, on Saturday night, the worst part was walking across the road into the club, we walked across, holding each other's hand, both sweating, but once we walked
Through the doors, everything was great, the staff made ya feel completely at ease, we had no problems talking to other couples, and met really really nice people, prices were reasonable, and for our first experience, was mind blowing!!! Smiles all round, we will be going back!

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We Joined la Chambre only last week. As newbies to the lifestyle we were quite nervous but the staff there are fantastic and soon put us at ease with answering any questions we had. We returned this weekend and felt much more relaxed and the members this week was a great bunch... Lots of horny fun to be had. Cant wait for next week.. ;-)

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We had our second night at La Chambre at the Valentines Party. The place was incredibly busy and full. The entertainment was good fun and afterwards all the playrooms were full with couples having a great time. My partner and I would like to thank the three girls in the Pink Room who's performance had us both incredibly turned on. Great night and looking forward to our next visit.


Well we revisited the club on Sat 17th March after a short break only having been once recently.

As this club is our local we renewed our membership...not sure if we will use it again though as we were really disappointed at the way the club is now being run.

On the last occasion the club was very quite and those that did go up stairs to play were very few, probably due to the fact that most couples were walking around just watching fully dressed, I think there was only 3 couples playing knaked that we saw all evening. A few others did play but without getting undressed.

When we went last night it was a repeat performance... everyone walked around just watching fully dressed and only came upstairs at the end of the evening when they were half pissed. Again we only saw 3 x couples that actually stripped off and had fun.

If this is what its going to be like at a club, that we do enjoy visiting , then we will start to visit elsewhere.

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hi love to try this club out am joanna bashforth from hemsworth

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Excellent club. Nice outdoor area for the summer. Dungeon in cellar smells a bit musty though.

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Great club made me very welcome as a TV advised me on the best night to attend met some nice ladies ,Just great gemma

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I'm a straight, single male, have visited LC several times and have had a great time on each occasion. I would attend more often, but it involves a long journey from where I live. Last Friday night/Saturday morning was beyond all expectations.


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does it cater for crossdressers

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I'm tempted to go. Do you get many single guys going on their own?

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been going to lc for 4 yrs its a great club

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Wow!!! Joined for a year a few years ago. (unfortunatly kids meant had to stop) We wanted to try the swinging scene and found the club to be fantastic. Members and staff alike were helpfull and friendly. Would recommend to anyody wanting to try it out. The dungeon is excellent.

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Excellent marvellous atmosphere get there as soon as you can

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class went there a few years ago on a friday as a single and it was really relaxed yet edgey at the same time thorughly enjoed myself, a must if your in the area

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