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The Hellfire Club hosts adult parties in the Sunbury area of London. At the club you can indulge your fantasies in an erotic, safe and sensuous atmosphere. Our parties have lots of style and fun and there is no pressure to participate. The club welcomes couples and single females along. Single males are allowed but are limited in numbers (9 males for every 100 couples) If you are first timers, there is no need to worry, we are all friendly and there is never any pressure to participate.

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Club Information
E-mail info@theold-hellfireclub.co.uk
Phone 07971791965
Zip TW16 7EL

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Reviews and Comments

Haven’t been but isn’t sex great

That's it a great club fi you want to take somebody to a dungeon. My ex-Mistress take me there lot's of times, because we haven't place to play. That was our playground. You can go even in Sunday afternoon if you are lucky they let you in the dungeon. For us were close easy to park, not so crowded. I am still visiting this place time to time. I took my sub there. I love that space, and much more affordable than rent a dungeon.

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Wouldnt go again unless its an exclusive Couples Only night as the single men wandering around constantly bothering you wears thin after a while. A private room wouldnt go astray either. Decour quite nice thou. Mixed review really.

We are regulars there, love the place, very friendly and relaxed, we will be there on the 13th April for ladies night.

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Jestem hetny

Been a member of the hellfire for sometime now and me and Clare have always had a good time there must admit we haven't been for a while now because of work but hope to return soon tom and clare x

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Am new here let me look around and i will post here more words.

we've just joined this club and been to a few evenings and found it brilliant.
great if you're new (no pressure and very relaxed and friendly), or experienced (lots of people ready to play).
smart, nice set-up, good location.
we're regulars now...

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Very disappointed with my visit to the Hellfire Clubs "Swish" night which is portrayed as a fetish night ..it isnt, its 100% a SWINGERS night . The dungeon has a few spanking benches , thats about it and there was just one person in fetish dress. Plus..this club is COLD which presumably has an effect on the attendance as there were 20 people there max!

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Masquerade Party here 27th August, will be my first party so hope there's loads of people there!!

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what events are happening here the week of the 18th of may?... is this is good place to dance while having FUN?

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New Venue! The Hellfire opened at it's new, purpose built venue in Sunbury on Thames last Sat Oct 3rd. It's a REALLY great club; clean, well designed, friendly, lovely staff & gorgeous playrooms. Next party night Oct. 17th. with a red theme. Check out their website & come & play!

MUCH easier than endlessly emailing couples who eventually chicken out of ever meeting & actually having any fun.......don't we all know who they are.......XX

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Great Fun! Fabulous club - lovely people

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