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The Private Club is located in Aston, Birmingham and caters for couples, single males and females.

The big difference with The Private Club is that we especially cater for single men and they can attend all events not just the odd one or two a month. The Private Club is a private members club and therefore providing photo ID and membership is mandatory. This club is slightly different from your average swingers club as it does cater for the single guys and women who love to take part as well as swinging couples! You can call or visit the clubs website for further details. The club offers a variety of themed nights every month. They also hold an Adventurous Adults Evening every month too if you fancy broadening your horizons and trying something a little different. The adventurous adults night is hosted by a Bi Male, a Bi female and a TV/TS so there is something for everyone.

Whatever event you decide to attend, you will be made to feel truly welcome by our friendly and informative staff.
It's the UK's best kept secret, but not to those in the know!
Visit the club website or call us for further information and a list of all our parties.

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Club Information
E-mail admin@theprivateclub.com
Phone 0121 328 3284
Zip B6 5TJ

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Reviews and Comments

Felt relaxed immediately loved dressing like a slut..was fucked senseless

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I'd like to know more.

Hi! I did tried to visit the same with my friend who attended in past, Unfortunately- i was not able to reach to club alone but surely in my coming visit i would love to join

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Went to this club today for the first time was a little nervous but was made to feel comfortable straight the way got shown around then the fun began emptied my load numerous times loved every minute of it will defiantly be returning there wonderful time defiantly recommend it x

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When is the bi night

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Would love to go here, would like to know how good it is

Love to go soon ?? Request a lovely lady to accompany me x offers?

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Wish to be there....

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Winked place definitely get it there empty your load

It smells. Showering before getting in must be mandatory.

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Visited again recently and had an enjoyable time.everyone was friendly and the club offers a good environment to play in

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i have been before although it was quite a while back and certainly enjoyed it there . it is clean and has good facilities aswell as friendly and helpful staff and I am aiming to return when I can . I can recommend it if you enjoy group fun

unbelievable :)

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Been a couple of time it has a good experiance

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wowww...sounds amazing...Awesome club... wish to go someday ..and have funn

I've seen a few vids on different sites including bukkake,gangbangs etc, and i was thinking about going to one of those parties but i'm slightly shy....how do you go about getting in there?

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would like to go and check out the place, let me know if anyone going there, would be nice if a single girl wants to have a company...:),m from coventry btw.

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went there last night for the first time. Was a great time, all people are friendly, was shown around when i arrived which was nice. Came home with asmile on my face. Was amazed at how many couples there were

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hi im new to this site..pls help..and im looking for a good woman/girl for video sex chatting..so pls help find ...

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I went last night and althought there were a lot of single guys there the hostesses are there to look after them. I went with my hubby and the lady who introduced me to my bi-sexual self. It was the first time for my hubby and myself and we were nervous. Poppy soon put us at ease. We found ourselves a room and got down to it. Lots of men came to watch but it was ok. I think the event nights are busier and I know that tonight there are at least 12 couples going to the Hawaiian night. Shame I have already organised something else or we would have been there.


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Been there a few times,the staff are friendly & helpfull the girls who host the partys are wonderful. Its clean theres always soap in the showers, mouthwash, bodyspray in the toilets. Some say its aimed at the singe men but there are more couples going lately and single women. There are 2 large areas,2 semi and 4 private rooms and a sauna.They dont sell booze but you can take your own, they do sell tea,coffee,crisps etc. Its a great place, worth trying out.

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I'm interested in going... as a soon-to-be-single woman who loves doing stuff with other women while men watch!

But I've never been before... Any couple/lady from Coventry or Warwickshire go there, who'd like to introduce me?

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We love the place. Very friendly staff, not only when they are playing.Lol. Reasonable prices for couples. Much better now they have opened up the back room. Even though the weather is foul out there we intend to brave it and go tonight. No pressure to do anything, just watch all the goings-on and the comings! Lol. It does have lots of single guys. In fact it's one of the only clubs that really caters for them, but that suits us as I like to watch the guys reactions to my othere halves dress and playing.

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this sounds amazing, could someone let me no whereabouts in aston it is i no the area well ish thanks

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The Private Club I've been coming to this club for some time now, and I can't believe how good this place is. The girls are great (and dirty lol!), the couples that attend are really friendly and for the price, I can't see how they can make any money.
They hold 6 Greedy Girl/Gangbang/Bukkake events every week and they usually have a couple of filmed events every month.
You've gotta try this place out people.

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fantastic fantastic.............

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WOW Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

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