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A nice relaxing health spa, Saturday nights can be great fun, couples and singles: 7pm till midnight, so everyone is at ease, private rooms available if you prefer..

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Club Information
E-mail generalmanager@rios.co.uk
Phone 020 7485 0607
Zip Nw5

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Reviews and Comments

It was my first time going there last month. I went on a Wednesday and I must say it was really good, nice atmosphere friendly people. Would definitely go again

how is the price of entry for a couple man and woman

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Went recently. Had a really good time with another couple. The staff are friendly and the place is kept clean. The beds are hard plywood with some rooms having rubber mattresses. Makes them easy to clean, but can take fun out of the fun you are trying to have. The water in the jacuzzi is chlorinated like hell, so make sure you take a good shower afterwards.

I went rio spa on last week wednesday. Thats was my first time staff was friendly and they teach me everything about the spa . nice and clean tidy enjoy my night. like to go again.

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Rios is the only club i go to,staff are freindly and polite and place is always clean can always get a clean towel
the new rooms out the back are a added bonus shame you still get the banging on doors by the hopefuls if only they realised a bit of chat and banter as well as manners goes along way.mondays tues weds after 6pm is completly naturist and staff do ask that you remove any clothing.its what you make of it be freindly and chatty helps.

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I have been to Rio's on three occasions. The entry fees are very reasonable, you don't need to be a member or give any personal details. It also has very good clean facilities.

I agree with daniella004 that there are too many people wearing swimwear when it's supposed to be a naturist place. There are always too many guys and not enough ladies. This is quite surprising considering the entry fee for ladies is so cheap. Also your not always sure who's there for some fun and who is just using the facilities.

Massages are good, but the ladies do not offer these as naturist or even sensual body to body.

It's perhaps the type of place you'd look to take someone there or have a prearranged meeting, rather than expect to meet someone.

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I thought the coffee was lukewarm and over priced.

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Went there a couple of times, place is clean and staff friendly. Fairly cheap place to have a good night but not as naturist as planned.

Great couple only evening on Saturday.

Might go again if we feel the need for some relax time with possible extras...

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It is advertised as naturist but there are so many swimsuits and the girls behind the bar are only topless. They should have a strict naturist policy. It is only fair.

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Our first time we was actually kinda disappointed

it would have been nice to have been asked if we had been before and if we said no then shown around the club( and because we wasnt didnt find or know about the couples only area)

the place its self is nice and clean just a shame on couple only nights alot of single men there or couples who dont play the game ie stay in swimsuits you kinda get the feeling some single men come thier with a female friend just to get in and they dont want to get undressed which is the point really not the swinging side

we will go again as we had a fairly good time there

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We had such an amazing sexy time Saturday night, thanks to all the lovely couples that popped into our open 'private' room..

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had a really good time here , always up for rios

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