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Xtasia has been around for over 20 years now, and certainly used to be one of the top clubs in the country. Over the last few years its been left to die off a bit, and had become tired. Until... we took over in June 2012. As new owners, we've made some drastic changes already, added some very clever private rooms, most with themes that naturally push boundaries. We're now opening more nights than historically, and have adapted pricing to suit the various markets we're now aiming for. All info can be found on the club's website which is found by clicking on the Clubs Guide on the main menu, however in brief we are now open as follows:
Thursday evening, 8pm to 1am, Bi Sexual Swingers.
2nd & 4th Sunday of the month, 2pm to 8pm, Fetish and BDSM afternoon.
1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, Chill Out afternoon, 2pm to 8pm.
Friday evening, 8pm to 3am, singles and couples mixed swingers nightclub.
Saturday evening, 8pm to 3am, Couples only nightclub.

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Club Information
E-mail info@xtasia.co.uk
Phone 07850 236053
Zip B70 6JJ

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Reviews and Comments

Would love to go for sure any board wives willing to go with me
???? X

Hi we have been to xtasia a few times over the last few months. The club is fantastic. You are made to feel at ease and welcome straight away and the staff are very friendly.The experience can be different every time depending on when you go and what you are looking for. For us Fridays nights seem the best when there are a mixture of couples and single guys. We really like Greedy Girls night when my partner was used hard and often by both males and females. We also love the dungeon area where I can administer a good whipping while she is bound tight.

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it has a nightclub feel to it with nice play areas nearby and a dogging loft aswell . the owners are good and genuine people and there is always a friendly atmosphere in the club and they are back up with staff who are a credit to the club and a pleasure to be there with as they always make the experience more enjoyable

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We used to go to this club but it started going down the pan. The owners ran it as a hobby. We stopped going and other clubs were more appealing as we wanted more to do.

We heard it was taken over and had the opportunity to go back so we finally got round to it.

The new owners actually bother with the place. There are so many changes and we mean pretty major. It would be a spoiler if we told you the differences but believe us you would not recognise the downstairs room. You really need to go back. We know there are plenty more websites telling you about the place but sometimes the fun of going back to a club is the fun of seeing all the new stuff. We will tell you that if you want a nice warm relaxing jacuzzi then this is the place to be aswell (should not really say this though as we will never get in if loads of people are dipping lol).

You really need to check this place out. Have a look at the website and the events page and see what is coming up. There are so many events coming up. The owners will listen. If you do not like something tell them. If you like something tell them. They are doing the right thing tho. This club is back on the map and getting better all the time.

They have many incentives to go like having free nights and every 5th night free just check out the web.

It is good. Remember if you see a review make sure it is with the new owners as the place is great now.

Nice staff always happy to greet you and make an effort to talk to you. Stop reading this anyway and look on the site.

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Love this venue, but then I would lol. Often found behind the bar, or doing tours early on, but end of evenings are my own and thats when the fun starts. Its clean and tidy, loads of rooms and stuff to do, great crowd of people, friendly staff. Try it, you won't regret it.

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brilliant place, loads of nice people and the new owners paul and flirt are great, come and try on a weekend, big dancefloor with 2 poles to dance around, then the curtain drops and your in darkness to let your imagination wander.... and your hands and bodies xx

Paul and Flirt
Trying to access your site after registering, and the site is no longer working. Can you provide a new link, or tell us a better way to access your site? Thanks.

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Hi, we're Paul and Flirt, the new, very proud owners of Xtasia. Only reason for adding a comment here, is because we want to hear your views on the club. We have a massive amount of changes to make, but want to be directed by you, members and potential members, so tell us what you think, and we'll listen.

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New owners Paul & Flirt, a super sexy couple! have met in Blackpool and these two sure know how to have fun & party hard! whether they are hosts or guests.
To many skills to mention but totally dedicated to the swinging scene and each other, sexy sassy and fun as individuals erotic horny and very naughty as a couple they are surely Mr & Mrs Swing uk!.
Hearing of their new venture! Xtasia in the West Midlands so look out West Bromich! this club was voted best swingers club in the Uk last year we have been told.
Well It now has the best owners! if you are regulars to this venue you will not have so much fun as with this hot couple at their club,
if you've not visited? get there! we will be! your guaranteed more than a night to remember. xxx Sonia & Steve.

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We visited this club during October 2011.
It was an Party event.
It was our 1st club visit ever.
We enjoyed it so much.
Staff and regulars are friendly and no presssure.
We will deffinetly return.
Hugz Carol and Ted XXX

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This should be a fantasic club, BUT, it's just a little too regimented for us. There are just too many signs saying, "only sit here if you are a couple looking for a couple", or "a couple looking for a single". Great in theory, but not so good in practice as the only seats available were in the "gay guy for gay guy" section!!!

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This place is amazing and one of the best places I've been to. Drinks are cheap and everyone is very relaxed. Went there on my first ever time to a swingers club and really enjoyed myself!

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Have been members now for many years and have always enjoyed this club the best. Bar prices are very reasonable and staff always friendly and helpful. You can have a great night here on either Friday or Saturday night and we sometimes do both in one week lol. Lucy & Martin x

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Location Xtasia is in West Bromwich, near Birmingham, not in Essex

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What a club. What a club, It really caters for everyone here :)

this club is set out like a night club music dance floor etc where everyone is dressed smart casual, just like going to a night club lol

Friday nights are singles and couples Saturdays Couples only.

They have a wet room as well as a dungeon room, and a play area on the 2nd floor which is split into little rooms :)

Theres also a seated area where all sorts of naughtyness goes off, its a good place to do as little or as much as you like.

xtasia has a licensed bar too with good choice and cheap prices.

We well reccomend a visit. Top place we love it here.

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Great Club Visited Xtasia on Friday 15 August 08 , had a great time. Lots of attractive couples and single ladies and guys of all ages. but mainly in their 30,s.
Huge bar, very cheap prices.
Nice to have the choice of using the spa or staying in the club in our sexy attire.

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had lots of fun very nice club, friendly staff , very good set up for people who are just starting out in this field of fun with no pressure

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