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ery well oiled machine Reasonable facilities and couples free before midnight and your own alcohol behind the bar We left quickly as we were carrying passports and unhappy at just leaving them in a cloakroom - there are no lockers Also, everybody fully dressed which we were unprepared for (up North, club attendees typically wear just a towel or even nothing at all - so guys in suits freaked us out!)

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Club Information
E-mail info@ourplace4fun.com
Phone 07906 903262
Zip Members only

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Reviews and Comments

Unfortunately have tried to get in as a couple twice but on both occasions did not have quite the correct mix of ID.
Will try again as its local and seems nice.

We went to this club last night on a Saturday. WOW!! Lisa and Greg were excellent hosts. Lisa and all the staff made us feel very comfortable. You leave your own alcohol behind the bar and this is served for you. There are lockers down stairs to leave your belongs.
Really friendly and the people at the club are really nice, loads of hot couple, we didn't really notice many single guys. Loved how the club was set out. The room with the two way mirror was fun you couldn't see out but everyone could see in! We had fun with a few couples, no one was pushy and we invited people onto the bed with us to play. There was a fucking machine, which was being used looked like fun! Loved dancing round the pole while everyone was watching! We will definitely go back to this club. A good mix of people of all ages. We stayed till it closed as we was having so much fun.

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We were there two months ago and thought the place was very good. On a Friday night there is no limit to single guys and there are normally a few couples. Saturday night is limited to eight single guys. The whole place has been revamped and is much better than first time we went there.

We would go back again.

We visited there about two years ago. In short...it sucked. Small place. No real dance floor. No adequate policy limiting single guys. There were about two couples there, and about a dozen panting guys stalking them.

If you want to know about great clubs, google Trapeze in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, or Tabu Social Club in Catonsville, MD (Baltimore).

We called this London place: Our Place for Dogs....

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Brilliantly Organised We only stayed for a few minutes as we were carrying our passports in order to register and were not happy having them left in a cloakroom (with a guy in attendance but he could have nipped off and so could our stuff)

It is probably the cheapest night out in London, with free entry for couples before midnight and your drinks behind the bar!

The facilities seemed fairly limited and a bit cramped but that is London for you

Would we go back. Yes, definitely

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