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1:05 pm Saturday, 24th February, 2018

Its raining where I am, and so I stripped off and I've been rolling around in the wet grass and playing with myself in this glorious wet. I had an amazing climax and then another. Just love being wet..


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12:23 pm Saturday, 10th February, 2018

Avatars are ok if you are playing a game. However, if you are serious about a hook up, show the real you, not some cartoon of a bozo.
I won't respond to such weaklings.
Show yourself or remain in..

9:15 pm Wednesday, 7th February, 2018

I have a few pairs of pantyhose and stockings, which are not fit for daily wear and which someone might like to use for hobbies or other purposes. Most are black, some are navy blue, skin tone and..


4:04 am Wednesday, 7th February, 2018

Today, I've decided to join this site to access what I hope will be some genuine men. Genuine men who want to play and have a good time with good time TS like me.
I hope you all like my pictures and..


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