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8:15 pm Friday, 15th June, 2018

I have done a few of these blogs and I love sharing my thoughts and experiences in them.  I am going on a serious note for this one.  Lets talk rules,  they are an important part of the whole casual..

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8:37 pm Thursday, 7th June, 2018

hey sexy people,  I'm back.  in my last post I mentioned someone that I was working towards meeting, well we met earlier this week and it was amazing.  we met and talked for a while and got to know..

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4:27 pm Wednesday, 30th May, 2018

I understand this a sexually charged site and I have met some very nice sexy people.  I had a message from someone I was working toward setting up an nice meet but because of aggressive and rude..

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2:42 pm Friday, 18th May, 2018

here I am again sitting in the office with nobody to play with.  I love my job but it is really putting a cramp in my personal life.  If there are any people from this area who would like to meet up..

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7:13 pm Thursday, 17th May, 2018

Well here we are at the start of the Victoria Day Long Weekend and I would love to spend it making fireworks instead of seeing them.  I am looking forward to the time off and wish I could find other..

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2:02 am Thursday, 17th May, 2018

I am sitting here at home looking at my wife whom I adore and just wondering is what I am doing wrong?  I am not a bad guy and if she was into the lifestyle I would love for her to join however she..

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4:32 pm Wednesday, 16th May, 2018

hmm where to start, well let me start by saying I am a married orally bisexual man who has to keep that beast tamed most of the time.  This site has allowed me to explore that part of my nature.  I..

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4:11 pm Wednesday, 16th May, 2018

I joined this site on May13th, and I gotta say it was the best decision of my life.  Within a day I made contact with a couple and we met for the first (and definitely not the last) time.  we had a..

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