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First Experience at Swansea Swingers Club

7:46 pm Friday, 28th December, 2012

A couple of years ago I had my first experience at a swingers club in Swansea. I was married at the time and we decided we would both like to try out this club we had heard of. We had a few drinks beforehand and dressed for the occasion. Sue wore these crutchless knickers she had bought along with a leather skirt and block stockings - my cock was upright before we got there lol. When we arrived we were shown around the different rooms and were amazed to see so much action! There was 2 guys going down on this BBW (my fav) who was also sucking off another guy, there was his wife being fucked by this guy with an enormous cock which made my wifes eyes bulge. We thought we would have a fewmore drinks at the bar. We were followed in by 2 couple and started to chat. I could see Sue was getting turned on and began to quickly flash her pussy which got the guys going. One of the girls said to Sue that she would like to suck me off and asked for Sues permission - she gave it and even undid my fly and got my cock out ready. As sge was doing this one of the guys had his hand up her skirt and was playing with her pussy which was very wet, I could see his fingers glistening when he brought his hand out! Sarah bent over to let me see her pussy which I could plainly see through her tight little white panyies. We all moved into one of the bigger lounges that had some big comfy couches and beds Sarah stated to suck my cock slowly and I was able to watch Sue who was smiling at me. I let Sarah suck me for a while and then laid her down on the coutch when I started to fuck her. Sue, at this time, was being fucked and sucked and I don't know what else!! We moved onto different partners after a while and found the BBW who had seen earlier came and joined us. I fucked her pussy, her arse, her mouth - everywhere - until I came and came and came. Sue was already spent and we realised we had been there for around 4 hours! We had a couple more drinks and got dress but not before we fucked each other the others watched and joined in. What a night my cock was sore for a week! When we gt home I licked Sue out - her pussy was filled with lovely salty cum mmm Cant wait for next time there xx

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Latest: New Year Off To Bang - well Gang Bang !! :)

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