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3:18 pm Tuesday, 21st October, 2008

My first threesome experience goes way back to Christmas 1979,I had recently started going out with a lovely girl called Jane who had just turned 17,she also had an older sister called Liz who worked in a local pub where a few of us used to meet.That Christmas I was staying over at their house and their mother was away with relatives,she was ok about me and Jane sleeping together,very unusual for those days!!!.On the Boxing Day evening the three of us all had a good bit to drink and by about midnight were ready to clear of to bed.Liz said 'it's ok for you two,you'll be fucking like mad all night' so I replied,only part jokingly that she could come and join us if she liked,Liz lit up like a fucking christmas tree at this,and said that she loved the idea!!!Jane took a little persuading,but not much,so we all ended up in bed together.I can vividly remember having Jane riding me whilst Liz sat on my face spreading her magnificent blond beaver,remember them?,all over it,I remember thinking that I must be the luckiest little bastard on the planet and that any moment I would wake up and find that it had all been a dream!,as you can imagine a really great time was had by all,although I could barely walk for about a week afterwards!!!,happy days!!!

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Single Guy seeking VERY HORNY Ladies and Couples for n/s Adult Fun!

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