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Gray Area and Silver Lining Pt.3

5:10 pm Friday, 11th January, 2019

Days became weeks. Weeks became months. Feelings got deeper. At least on my end. We were each other’s safety nets.
There were misunderstandings but nothing cannot be immediately resolved.
I then realized that I liked the guy. I was willing to take the risk with him… To be by his side while he sort his life.
Things were going smoothly. At least, I felt that what we have has ripened into something beautiful. We were handling issues as matured individuals, as far as I know.
However, one day, I figured for whom the social media posts were for. Puzzled at why they were still not deleted or at least edited to be applicable in the current situation.
I asked. Maybe I had been slightly confrontational. But then, my goal then was for him to give him the assurance that it will always be me from now on. I asked what are his plans for me.
He directly said that he wanted me to be his girlfriend but he was not in for a big commitment.
Me either. But at least give me the assurance that you wanted me in your life. That you see that future with me as you would always mention. I am willing to wait. Just give me the assurance.
He failed… or refused even.

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'Caviar and cigarettes. Well versed in etiquette. Extraordinarily nice... She's a...'

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