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Gray Area and Silver Lining Pt.1

3:34 pm Friday, 11th January, 2019

I am not the hopeless romantic sort. No. But, I do not shy away from possibilities. That is why, I am really particular with definitions albeit the title.
I am not new in the “Hooking Up”, “ No Labels”, “No commitment” arena. I have been around. I was single for a while as to be not involved in one or two, or more of that.
I met a guy in a dating site. I will not mention which one. Take a good guess...
I was in for the kill. In my mind, he was like the rest of the specie. Routine be like… Meet. Sleep together. Be friends and Stay as Friends, or Be gone, and forget each other the day after, especially when there was no connection to begin with.
I met the guy the same day we exchanged numbers. A few hours after we flirted and built the sexual tension, we finally met. I picked him up by the driveway of my office building. Good thing, I always have extras in my car just in case I cannot go home.
I saw him. I was not initially attracted to him. Good riddance though, he is not baduy. He dresses presentable for his age. Side story, I loath men who dress too tito-ish. Sorry, my bad.
It took us a while to undress. He was pouring his out to me. Stories of his past. He said, he just wanted transparency.
We spent the night together making love and laughing. Our senses of humor just jived. The day after, we decided to have breakfast before heading home. Yep. I called in sick. Breakfast lasted until lunch. Maybe if he would not reporting for work, we will stay together for another day.
That we realized we connected.

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'Caviar and cigarettes. Well versed in etiquette. Extraordinarily nice... She's a...'

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